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No you can not get pregnant by having bacterial infection.You can get pregnant only by intercourse.

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Q: Can you get pergant having bacterial infection?
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Can a vaginal bacterial infection be caused from your wife having intercourse with other men?

It can be. But she may also have gotten a yeast infection not a bacterial infection.

Do you get trichomoniasis from having a bacteria infection?

No, you typically get trichomoniasis from having sex with someone who's infected. It's not a bacterial infection, but a protozoal infection.

Why does your vagina smells bad when you are having intercourse?

because you have a bacterial infection

Influenza is what one localized infection or bacterial infection or systemic infection?

Influenza, is a bacterial infection.

Can an infection turn bacterial?

Yes, an infection can turn bacterial.

Is strep throat a bacterial infection?

Strep throat is a bacterial infection.

Can a bacterial infection cause gonorrhea?

Gonorrhea is a bacterial infection. Other bacterial infections, or bacterial vaginosis, will not cause gonorrhea.

What is the difference between fungal infection and bacterial infection?

The difference between a fungal infection and a bacterial infection is the cause. A fungal infection is caused by fungi, whereas a bacterial infection is caused by bacteria. Fungus must be treated by fungicide. Bacterial infection requires antibiotics.

Which cell will respond whether you have viral infection or bacterial infection? can't really cure viral infections, only bacterial infections..hence anti-bacterial as antibiotics for a bacterial infection

How do you get infitigo or sometimes also spelled infitaigo?

Its a bacterial infection... it comes from having a cut and infecting it.

Is tuberculosis viral or bacterial?

It is a bacterial infection

What is the difference between oral and bacterial infections?

An oral infection is an infection in your mouth. It can be bacterial. A bacterial infection is an infection caused by bacteria. It can be in any part of your body or throughout your body.

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