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No professional body piercing studio will pierce anyone they have reason to believe is pregnant. To knowingly do so is a breach of health guildline protocol and they could be shut down.

It's against APP (Association of Professional Piercers) rules. They don't want to do anything that could put your baby at risk. Even in a best-case scenario, your body must devote energy and resources toward healing the new piercing, at a time when you should instead be devoting as much as possible toward your baby. Just wait.

It is HIGHLY not recommended to get pierced or tattooed whilst pregnant. Infections, trauma, and shock could all affect the baby. Also, if you were to pass out (faint) whilst pregnant, that would cause a lack of oxygen to the baby as well.. I wouldn't take the risk at all. Wait after done breast feeding, then do what ever.

Lots of people do. I know people with a licensed piercing shop in Oregon, and they don't refuse piercings just because a woman is pregant (and they DO refuse piercings...They are the only place I know that will tell a person a specific piercing is not suited for their body!!!!) Their policy is everything but nipples (contraction causing hormones can be released)....belly button is fine, *lower* than belly button is also fine ;)

Belly piercings heal very slow sometimes taking a year. I had mine done, 3 times to be exact. They get infected very easily which wouldn't be good for a baby, better to wait until after baby is born I think.

No professional body piercer will pierce anyone who is pregnant or may be pregnant. It loads the immune system down and if an infection sets in can cause harm to the baby..

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Q: Can you get piercings while you are pregnant?
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