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It is very unlikely to become pregnant in this situation. For pregnancy to occur, sperm must enter the vagina.

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Q: Can you get preganat if you are still a virgin but he cums on the outside of your vagina?
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If your boyfriend fingers you does that still make you a virgin?

yes. you are still a virgin. You are only not a virgin when the penus enters the vagina

Are you still a virgin if only the head of his penis went in your vagina?

if only blood did not come out u are still a virgin

I inserted my finger once in my vagina am I still a virgin?


If you got fingered are you still virgin?

uhm yes. your no longer a virgin when a dick enters your vagina.

You want to know if you are still a virgin Have been married for 3 years?

If you have never had a penis inserted into your vagina you are still a virgin.

Boy took his fingers and put it in a girls vagina is she still a virgin?

She is still a virgin, She would have to have sexual intercourse, in order to lose her virginity.

Can you get preganat if the male has sperm on his penis and waits 10 minutes and sticks it in the vagina and now you period is 3 days late?

Although the chances aren't as high, you can still get pregnant.

Can you still get sores on your vagina even if your a virgin?

Yes, when you ride a bike and you had a vaginal exam.

Can a gynaecologist tell if you are a virgin or not?

Yes, they will examine the vagina to see if the hyman is still intact.

I'm still a virgin but the sperms are rubbed in my vagina can i get pregnant?

Yes, you could possibly.

Are you still a vergin if you put a pen up your vagina and you started to bleed?

By dictionary, you lose your virginity as soon as the penis touches the vagina. Technically yes your still a virgin.

5 If a guy puts in his penis half way in a vagina is the girl considered a virgin still?

He only put it in half way then pulled out I'm i still a virgin? Is he?

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