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no because you need sperm withch turnto an egg in vagina


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your vagina will itch as cause it is getting use to you being pregenant or it just could be an itch that is really bad.

you can just dont stick the part with the lead sticking out it is better to use a long pencil about |___________________| long

nah mate she just massively fat

Cucumber, zuccinini, banana, etc. Just be careful it does not break in your vagina.

If the male pulled out and ejaculated onto you or something, and you want semen in your vagina, why not just keep it in?

You have to be aroused and never stick anything in until you are wet and lubricated. just sticking a finger in wont do it but first go for the labia and clitoris. Women don't orgasm just by sticking something in.

No, it's probably just discharge or something, if it is that bad ask your gynecologist.

beucase you can have sex in all of them by just sticking a mans penus into a grls vagina and start having sex like that then 9 minths later the girl will get pregnant :)

Sticking out your tongue. ;P, winkie face with tongue sticking out. :P Just sticking your tongue out.

For a girl you can finger yourself, rub your vagina or use something that vibrates and put it on your vagina. For boys just rub your penis with your hands. Or find a hole and put your penis in it.

Yes of coarse you can put bong Wong balls in your vagina and have a very pleasurable day. they will get you off just walking around.

Hey, I have the same problem. I had a baby a year ago and had stitches. After having sex I was bruised and started bleeding and just thought it was my period. Two days later I am bruised and swollen and there is what looks like a little pink piece of flesh sticking out of the opening of my vagina. This is the first time I am seeing this.

What is making vagina on Facebook.You can obviously not make vagina by just using Facebook.

Through the hole just beneath the lips of your vagina.

just get something thick to put in there it feels really good I am 13 and I do this all the time just be careful not to force things in there

There are no pimples on a vagina but on the vagina flaps or just the outer part there can be ingrown hair which is commonly mistaken for vagina pimples.

the vagina itself stretches sooo... just put it in =]

Hyman wall? Check it here babe, the hyman is just skin that rests on the outside around the opening of your vagina. If you CANNOT find it, then chances are you already broke that b1tch while sticking a tampon in at age 13 or masturbating like a fiend. Hyman's are meant to be broken, and they do very easily.

First, start kissing her. Put one hand on her butt, and if she just continues to kiss, use the other hand on her boob. If your lucky, you could feel her vagina.....and eventually get something of yours IN her vagina ;)

No, queefing is something that can happen anytime during sex. It's just the penis pushing air into the vagina.

"On" the vagina? I'm just gonna guess on pads or a vibrator.

Semen is sperm, and all it needs to do to get a girl pregnant is be fresh and be introduced to the vagina. So yes. changes are just as much as if you would have ejaculated in the vagina. There are millions and millions of sperm a droplet of sperm and there only needs to be one to fertilize and egg and get a girl pregnant.

You most likely just pulled a muscle or something just like you would pull a muscle in the leg etc. It will pass.

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