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You can only get pregnant during ovulation. But all women ovulate at different times. But it's usually about two weeks before starting your period. So on average the chances of you getting pregnant just after your period are pretty slim. But you may ovulate on a different cycle than the average woman.

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It is NOT true that you can get pregnant only when you are ovulating. It is true however that many women differ in cycles. Most women with a 28 day cycle will ovulate on days 12-17, depending on their body. The first day of your last period being the Day 1. You ovulate for 2 days. BUT there is a 6 day time span before that you are still very fertile. Not AS fertile, but still very much. and 2 days after you ovulate there is still a slim chance of fertilization. So over all you are not ok to have unprotected sex from days 6-19. That is if you have a 28 day cycle. Your best bet is to calender your specific cycle. Otherwise it is not safe. And its true that sperm can live in you for 3-5 days.

basically, yes, it is possible. although not likely, it can happen because it is possible to have an early ovulation.

You sure can! I am currently 6 weeks pregnant and I got pregnant very shortly after my period. My period started on December 27th and I stopped bleeding around the 30th. I had one act of unprotected sex with my husband on New Years Eve (about two days after I had stopped bleeding) and BAM I'm pregnant! Needless to say it was a surprise, but a good surprise. I guess I have an irregular cycle with early ovulation - I never knew!

Absolutely you can!!! You can ovulate early. Some do. And lets not forget that sperm can live in you for about 3 days. I have even read on the net for 3-5 days. So you may ovulate a bit away from your period but if there is still live sperm in you it could meet that egg and boom, a baby!

Yes. Having done some internet research I actually found out that there are rare occassions when sperm lives up to 7 days after ejaculation in the woman (based on unusual pregnancies). Every woman is different and there is always the chance of sexual activity causing irregularities if you are very young or you don't have sex often. That's how it was for me. The cramping could also be from a cyst, so an ultrasound could tell most likely.

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Q: Can you get pregnant 4 days after your period I have had slight cramping the last couple days I don't think it is an infection because there is no odor itching or rash?
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You could have a yeast infection.

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This is very common in pregnancy. You have an increased risk for a yeast infection because there is more moisture down there. If you have any itching or burning while pregnant, go see your doctor and they can prescribe something to make it go away.

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Skin itching can be a symptom of a lot of things. If you don't know if you are pregnant, I would not say you are pregnant because you are itching. If you know you are pregnant and your skin is itching see your maternity care provider. It may be just your skin stretching, but it can also be a symptom of a very serious condition affecting the liver.

When pregnant is vaginal itching and swelling normal?

Yes, this is normal when you are pregnant. Your skin is stretching so it will begin to itch. You can use a lot of lotion when this happens.Answer:I doubt the vagina is stretching but you need to get checked out by your obgyn because you might have a yest infection.

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