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Yes it is, providing you are ovulating again. I conceived in the cycle after a miscarriage... effectively about 15 days afterwards. I am now seven weeks pregnant and so far things are going well. It's always worth seeing a doctor to make sure your body has recovered properly though.

Yes you can. It is not dangerous.

Yes. Many women miscarriage and go onto healthy babies. Though research has been conducted and not entirely understood still it seems women mainly miscarriage only girls or only boys varying from person to person. I have know women who only miscarried boys and some only girls. With a supportive partner you will be fine. ITS NOT YOUR FAULT.

yes. my mother had a miscarriage and became pregnant with me 3 days later.

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Q: Can you get pregnant a few weeks after a miscarriage?
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Why do i still feel pregnant after a miscarriage?

It takes a few weeks until the hormones have settled.

Are you get pregnant 4 weeks after a miscarriage?

You can be.

You had a miscarriage 9 weeks ago can you really be pregnant again?

Absolutely. You can ovulate within about 2 weeks of a miscarriage and if you ovulate and have sex you can get pregnant.

Can you have a miscarriage when you are 2 weeks pregnant?


Can you be 3 weeks pregnant and have a miscarriage?


Can you have a miscarriage while being 3 weeks pregnant?

yes,miscarriage is a great risk of a 3 week pregnant woman.

If I'm 2 weeks pregnant can i have a miscarriage?


Can you have a miscarriage being 8 weeks pregnant?


Is it possible to get pregnant 3 weeks after a miscarriage?


How likely is it to have another miscarriage with already having one?

You can miscarry one twin but no the other as long as they are in different sacks. You can not however be pregnant with 2 different babies of different ages. If you have one miscarriage you will not ovulate for a few weeks and it will take 2 weeks after sex to get pregnant.

Can tight pants cause a miscarriage at 8.5 weeks pregnant?

No they can not.

Can you be pregnant 8 weeks after your miscarriage?

Yes and even earlier.

If had a miscarriage 7 weeks ago at 7 weeks pregnant but you still feel the same am bloated constantly could you still be pregnant?

If the doctor examined you after the miscarriage you are not pregnant anymore. He would've caught it. It takes several weeks for the hormones to settle so that might be it or you are pregnant again.

Is it possible to get pregnant 2 weeks after having a miscarriage?

yes, lots of women ovulate 2 to 2.5 weeks after a miscarriage and are especially fertile.

How soon after having a miscarriage can a woman get pregnant again?

Right away..and I mean right away..I got pregnant 2 weeks after my miscarriage

If you had an early miscarriage how soon can you tell if you are pregnant again?

After a miscarriage you can tell if your pregnant again about 2-3 weeks after the previous pregnancy. Im sorry about your loss. YOu may ovulate about 2 weeks after an early miscarriage so if you have intercourse then you might have a positive test 2 weeks after that.

What happens with miscarriage at 2 weeks pregnant?

This is called a period, a period.

Does getting punched in the stomach at 4 weeks pregnant cause miscarriage?


Can I be pregnant 2 weeks after a miscarriage?

Possible if you took no protection and were ovulating.

Can you conceive right after a miscarriage?

You can become pregnant as soon as you ovulate again after a miscarriage - usually 2 weeks after loss.

You were 6 weeks pregnant when a miscarriage occurred you would like to get pregnant again how safe is it to get pregnant with in a months time?

You should wait a few weeks to even have sex again and then wait around 4 months until trying again. You have to give it a chance.

If i am 6 weeks pregnant can i still be pregnant or did i have a miscarriage?

you usually wont have a miscarriage after your first trimester (third month) after that you would just have a still born baby.

If im pregnant and have severe cramping and bleeding and took a test again and came out positive can that still be a miscarriage?

The test will show positive for a few weeks after a miscarriage until the hormones have settled. You need to get a ultrasound to be sure.

You had a miscarriage 4 weeks ago dr said hcg levels dropped but still feel pregnant?

i think i had a miscarriage, but i never knew i was pregnant. how do i find out for sure

Can you have a miscarriage at 4 weeks?

Yes you can have a miscarriage at 4 weeks I have hade a miscarriage at 2 weeks.