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no.. there is no way you can be pregnant

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โˆ™ 2008-10-29 04:26:24
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Q: Can you get pregnant by taking the semen in the condom and putting it inside of your vagina?
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Can a girl get pregnant by taking sperm out of a condom and putting it inside herself?

It can be done ,but rarely works.

Can female get pregnant even boy use condom and blow inside but after taking out with condom have few drop at the bottom of condom but condom is not linkage?


Can you get pregnant while taking pain medicine?

If you don't use a condom - then yes !

Can you get pregnant if you are on birth control and the condom busts inside the vagina?

Taking BCP will protect you from pregnancy 99.5% if taken as directed. That is a very tiny chance of conception.

Can you get a girl pregnant while taking lobetolol and cozzar?

Yes. If she doesn't want to get pregnant, then ALWAYS use a condom.

Can you be pregnant with a condom without taking any pills?

Yes. Condoms are not 100% effective.

Can you get pregnant if you stop taking the pill then start taking it again a week later to stop your period coming and have sex without a condom but then put a condom on before the male ejaculates?

Yes, you can get pregnant by having sex, that has been known for a few years.

Are more able to become pregnant if you stop taking pills and used condon instead?

While using a condom it is not possible to get pregnant.

What if the guys takes off the condom then puts it back on inside out and theres now semen on the outside can you get pregnant?

Yes. You are highly likely to become pregnant from this. You should always use a new condom each time. I would recommend taking emergency contraception as soon as possible to help prevent pregnancy.

Can you get pregnant if you are taking birth control pills but did not use a condom?

The pill is 99% effective and it all depends if you are taking your pill right.

After having protected sex then taking off the condom after coming and reentering can you get a girl pregnant?

Yes it is possible.

If you use a condom but it rips and the girl has been taking birth control for 20 days will she get pregnant?

it is possible

What are the chances of a girl getting pregnant if he came inside of her one day after her period because the spermicidal condom broke but she took the morning after pill three hours after sex?

im not sure u will get pregnant because u've taking in the pill.

Can you get pregnant if the condom rips while you are menstruating on the first day of you period while using birth control?

If you are taking BCP as directed no you will not become pregnant.

Could I in fact be pregnant?

On monday I had sex and used a condom, during the sex though the guy pulled out and noticed that the condom had fell off, thinking that it had fell off onto the ground we stupidly decided to keep having sex now unprotected where he came inside of me (he also had *** inside of the condom)the next day [yesterday] i got up in the night to use the rest room and the condom had fell out of me i haven't been taking my birth control regularly and i haven't taken it since sex but i took it the day before we had sex....could i be pregnant? also, sometimes it seems like I'm spotting when othertimes i don't could that be from the condom being left inside of me and if not, what?

I quit taking the pill and me and my boyfriend have had unprotected sex more then a few times but he doesn't ejaculate inside me. Can i still get pregnant?

It is almost imposible to tell if there has definitely been no ejaculation so it's just amatter of time before you get pregnant. use a condom.

Can you get pregnant if im on your 2nd month taking the pills and its my ovulating week should i use condom on that week even if im on the pills?

Yes you can still get pregnant if you are on the pill. I have a few friends who have gotten pregnant. You should always use a condom if you are not ready to bring a child in this world!

Can you get a girl on birth control pregnant?

If the girl is taking the pill perfectly then it is 99% effective. If she misses any pills her chance of getting pregnant increases. If you are not too worried about getting the girl pregnant because shes on the pill then don't use a condom. But if you are worried at all then definitely use a condom. Overall i recommend using a condom every time.

Is it possible to get pregnant even taking pills?

Yes it is, but there is a very small chance that you will become pregnant and using a condom or having your partner pull out to cum will greatly decrease your chances of becoming pregnant.

Can you still get pregnant while taking the diet pill OxyElite Pro?

Yes. If you do not wish to become pregnant always use a condom and/or a reliable birth control method.

Can you get pregnant if you use a condom and birth control and he pulls out?

No. It is virtually impossible for you to become pregnant under these circumstances UNLESS one: the condom rips and there is pre cum in it (there is a slight chance that you could become pregnant from it) or two: the aforementioned situation happens and you have not been taking your birth control correctly.

Can you get pregnant after taking your first depo shot and the condom got stuck inside the vagina?

It is still possible to get pregnant, as depo is only 99% accurate in preventing pregnancies. In the case of the condom being stuck, it is also possible for the semen to escape and find their way to the ovaries and empregnate you. I have two children that were "accidents" while taking the depo shot, and wish the doctors would have told me it is not 100%, since I was in complete shock at learning that I was indeed pregant.

Could you be pregnant if she has been taking birth control for nearly three months and he used a condom during intercourse but the condom managed to come off as he pulled out and came?

It is a very low possibility.

What are the chances of getting pregnant when you are on the second month of taking the pill but the condom broke during the ovulation window and you now have light spotting 4 days later?

If you are taking the pill properly you should not be ovualting so you will not get pregnant.

What happens if you keep taking the condom on and off during sex but between taking it off and on you use no condom for a little while?

Then you defeat the purpose and effectiveness of the condom.