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No,provided you have taken it properly you are protected all the time.

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โˆ™ 2011-09-12 15:05:17
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Q: Can you get pregnant during your period even though you are on birth control the rest of the month?
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Is it possible you were pregnant even though you just having your period?

It is unlikely that you are pregnant if you have your period, unless you got pregnant during your period

Is a person more likely to get pregnant during her period?

You are very UNlikely to get pregnant during your period. There is always the exception though.

Can you still get pregnant even if you are not on your period?

Yes, you can get pregnant even though it is not your "fertile period".

Do get on your period if you are pregnant?

Yes, you can still have your period if you're pregnant; most women don't, though.

Can one get pregnant on first day of period?

You can get pregnant at anytime during your mentrual cycle, though it is more likely at some times than others.

Can a women get pregnant even if she isn't her on period?

Yes, you can get pregnant at anytime during your cycle, though some times are more likely than others.

If you started bitrthcontrol and you got pregnant do you still get your period?

You can still have a period even though you are pregnant, my mother did.

How long do you stay on your period while pregnant?

When you are pregnant you will not have a period. You may have spottings though. Hope this helped :)

Could you pregnant on your period?

It's unlikely that you will be pregnant, but there is a small risk though.

Is there something wrong if you experience a period for 3 days during the beginning of the month and then receive another period 2 weeks later?

no you could be pregnant though

Can you get pregnant if you have not had your period?

Yes, you can. It depends on your age though.

Can a girl be pregnant even though her period comes?


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