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I would find it HIGHLY suspicious if my wife became pregnant while I was on a cycle. If a guy is taking Testosterone in his cycle ( as most do and should do ) it is not likely he will father any children until his natural LH levels return to somewhat normal levels. An interesting side effect of Testosterone enanthate is men-tioned in the bodybuilding magazine Muscle Media 2000, June July 1993 on page 45. Judging whether this is positive or nega-tive is left to the reader. 'A few years ago, the Lancet Medical Journal of England reported that they found testosterone (the proto-type anabolic steroid) to be a remarkably effective form of male birth control. Researchers conducted a 12 month study which included 270 men and determined that weekly injections of the hormone testosterone were 'safe, stable, and effective.' They dis-covered that weekly testosterone injections had a success rate of 99.2% as a Birth Control method. That makes it more effective than the birth control pill (97%) and much more effective than condoms (88%). The study also revealed that the effects of the contraceptive injections were entirely reversible upon discontinu-ing administration of the drug and that the testosterone injec-tions produced minimal side effects."

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Q: Can you get pregnant even though your huband is on steroids?
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