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no, the only way for a human to get pregnant is for a male and female to have sexual intercourse using the reproductive organs {penis, vagina}

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โˆ™ 2011-09-12 15:05:31
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Q: Can you get pregnant from ear?
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Can you get pregnant through ear sex?

Unfortunately, yes.

Is it safe to use ear drop while pregnant?

hello im pregnant in 4 months i woke up during the night with a pain in my ear i want to know if i can use an ear drop (otisedol)just to can talk to my doctor at morning

Are Ear infections during pregnancy normal?

Yes, They are comin to some pregnant women.

How do you know if a red ear slider is pregnant?

wan it stop eating or that he don't like the foodTurtles are reptiles. They lay eggs. They do not get pregnant.

Can you pierce your ears while pregnant?

Yes, but be sure to take care of the ear so you don't get an infection.

Does your ears supposed to ache when im pregnant?

You may have an ear infection. I suggest you should see a doctor about that.

Are piercings while pregnant okay?

I would highly discourage doing this. Unless its a ear or toungue peirceing

Will sperm in your ear get you pregnant?

NO sperm has to enter vagina and travel into the womb and to fall0pian tube to enter egg and form zygote and drop to womb for growing. I wonder how sperm got into ear>>??

Can pregnant women ear asiago cheese?

No, it will turn your eyes red and you will have a visit from a psycological distressed child named Katie Marsden.

Is a 17 ear old considered a minor still if she is pregnant?

Yes. Pregnancy or having a baby does not change the legal age of emancipation.

Can you hear a baby's heartbeat if you hold your ear to a pregnant stomach?

In later pregnancy it is possible to hear the heartbeat - depending on how baby is laying of course.

Bodypart that begins with letter e?

ear ear ear ear ear

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