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Sure, it's possible...but not especially likely since the sperm are likely to be dried/damaged.

Secondly, you should ask yourself why you are doing this, as you don't want to start a life long relationship based on dishonesty.

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Q: Can you get pregnant from inserting sperm in your vagina by hand?
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Can you get pregnant if someone rubs their hand on your vagina and the hand has sperm on it?

Yes it is possible, that if a woman has sperm on her hand and rubs it against her vagina accidentally/purposefully, she does have a small chance of getting pregnant.

Can you get pregnant if you don't have sperm on your hand and you rub your vagina?

You definitely need sperm to get pregnant. Just masturbating will NOT get you pregnant.

If have sperm on your hand and touch your vagina will you get pregnant?

It is possible.

If you have sperm on your hand then wipe it and then touch your vagina can you get pregnant?

Probably not

Can you get pregnant if the guy finishes inside you but he uses his hand to take the sperm out from the vagina?

Of course! do you think he can get ALL the sperm out

Can you only get pregnant from penetration?

No. You can get pregnant when sperm is introduced into the vagina and although this is usually from penetration it can also occur in other ways. Sperm are motile (able to move) and sperm from someones hand or sperm that has been ejaculated close to the vagina could enter by itself

Can you get pregnant from pre-ejaculate fluid on your hand if it touches your vagina?

yes because the sperm can travel up your vagina i think.

If you had sperm on your hand but not on your finger and you fingered a women can she get pregnant?

yes, because it has entered the vagina.

What if a man wipes his sperm with his hands and wipes with clothes with his hand and then he puts his fingers inside a vagina will the girl get pregnant?

Possibly. If sperm enters the vagina then pregnancy can result.

Can fingers transport sperm?

yes, if a guy cums on your hand, and then you finger yourself, the sperm can travel up your vagina and you can get pregnant

Can a woman get pregnant if boy touch her vagina using hand?

pregnancy is caused by sperm uniting with an egg cell. That is the only way a woman can get pregnant. If theres no sperm on a boys hand, touching will not cause pregnancy.

Can you get pregnant if he has pre-ejaculate on his hand and rubs your butt cheeks but never touches your vagina?

Pre-cum doesn't have sperm in it so even if he touched the inside of your vagina, you would not get pregnant.

Could a girl get pregnant if a guy fingers her but might have sperm on his hand?

Any time sperm may contact the vagina it is possible for the girl to get pregnant. If there is live sperm on your partners hand it is possible. However, when sperm exits the body it has a limited life span of approx 10 minutes.

If a guy has semen in his hand and had it close to your vagina can you get pregnant?

He would need to put the semen parts of his hands into your vagina. Just because he was close doesn't make the sperm teleport in there. If sperm leaked off and got in however there is a chance of getting pregnant.

You have used soaps after the sperm fell on your hand and have used the same soap to clean your vagina will you still be pregnant?

The soap and atmosphere most likely killed the sperm.

Can sperm be transfered from tissue to hand to toilet paper to vagina and still be active enough to make someone pregnant?

Wow, that is a lot of transferring. In answer to the question, yes sperm cna be transferred that way...but the odds of you getting pregnant are extremely, extremely low. Any time sperm comes into contact with a vagina there is a possibility of pregnancy.

Will a 12 year old girl get pregnant if an 11 year old boy fingers her in the pussy?

No. You can only get pregnant if sperm is put into the vagina. Fingering that area (unless he has sperm on his hand from ejaculating) will not cause pregnancy

Can you get pregnant if the penis did not enter inside the vagina?

If the man ejaculated even outside of the woman's vagina, if his sperm gets inside her vagina she can get pregnant. For example if you masturbate your partner to get him fully erect for sex and then he puts a condom on for sex, if you then touch your vagina with the same hand and it has pre-ejaculate on it you can get pregnant. This is from small amounts of sperm cells in his pre-ejaculate. Even if he uses a condom and it doesn't split or slip off and he doesn't ejaculate inside you.

What carries the sperm away from the testes?

My hand carries the sperm to the vagina

I ejaculated and wiped off my sperm with a tissue and I THINK I got like a drop on my hand and wiped it off on a separate cloth and after some time touched her vagina. Odds of she getting pregnant?

There will always be a small chance in a situation where sperm gets into the vagina.

Can you get pregnant from pre-ejaculated fluid on your hand if you only touch yourself through toilet paper while wiping in the bathroom?

Pre-ejaculate can contain some sperm. Sperm can live for a short amount of time outside the body. Wiping after urination could transfer some sperm from the hand to the vagina. Sperm can travel all the way up the vagina. It's safest to wash one's hands after a hand job.

Just a random question can a girl get pregnant from having sperm on her hand and inserting it in herself?

Unfortunately yes. Penis' are just modes of transportation (sorry guys!) for sperm - they basically make sure the sperm gets in there. However, if you use your hand, you're ecentially doing the same thing. Your hand is a mode of transportation for the sperm. It's way less affective if you're trying to get pregnant, but if you're not, don't do it, it's not worth the risk.

If you stick your finger in your vagina will you get pregnant?

No, you definitely won't get pregnant! (that's weird!) To get pregnant, you need sperm, which is why it's a penis and NOT your finger!edit: exception: you have sperm on your hand from giving a handjob for example, even precum can contain sperm so be careful

Your boyfriend ejuaculated on his hand and on his penis you wiped his hand and penis off with baby wipes and had protected sex after can you still get pregnant after wiping with moist baby wipes?

Probably not, but it's always a possibility. If ANY sperm gets in the vagina, you WILL get pregnant

Can you get pregnant if there is a lot of sperm on your hand and you finger yourself with the sperm still on it?

Yes Evan the smallest amount of sperm can get you pregnant.