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There is always a chance as no form of Birth Control is 100% effective - accept for absinence of course. If you do not want to get pregnant use a regular form of birth control such as the pill, IUD, the patch etc. and always, always, use a condom in addition to your regular birth control. Not only will a condom be added protection but it will also help prevent the transmission of STD's and/or HIV/AIDS.

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If a male comes in a condom what do you do to get pregnant?

Have sex with a male that is not wearing a condom.

If a male is wearing a condom can he still get a female pregnant?

He can if he doesn't use it properly.

Can you get pregnant if the male and femail smokes weed?

only if you don't use protection

Can you get pregnant if you had protected sex and the male didn't ejaculate?

If you had the appropriate protection, then it is highly unlikely that you would become pregnant. Still, you need to take ejaculation out of the equation. Just because a male does not reach full ejaculation, does not mean there was no pre-ejaculation seepage of semen. If you do not wish to become pregnant, then always use protection.

Can you get pregnant if you don't enter and if you are wearing a condom?

Pregnancy while the male partner is wearing a condom that is not damaged in anyway and if there is no entry into the vagina, just cant happen.

Is it safe to have intercourse a night after menstruation?

If you are trying to get pregnant that seems the best time to have intercourse. Of course if you are wearing protection than that doesn't matter.

How long are female dogs pregnant on nintindogs?

The female dogs in Nintendogs is pregnant for 24 hours. You need to have the male and female dogs in the same room wearing the lucky collar in order for the female to get pregnant.

Is it possible to become pregnant if a condom isn't used but birth control is and the male doesn't ejaculate?

Whatever protection you use there is always a possibility that you may become pregnant.

Can you still get pregnant if he stock in 5 times he do nothing just little?

Answer Do nothing. Just little. Yes you could get pregnant if he wasn't wearing protection so be careful and go and get a pregnancy test.

Can a woman who's a virgin become pregnant if a male comes on her vagina with both of them wearing underwear?

if he cums in her vagina, they are not wearing underwear. if sperm come into contact with a vagina, pregnancy is a possibility.

Can you get pregnant when you have your period and your boyfriend is wearing a condom?

If you are using protection (ie. condom) then pregnancy is unlikely to occur. However, no protection is 100% effective so if you miss your period you should take a pregnancy test

Can a human male get pregnant?

No, a male cannot get pregnant.

Does the male hamsters have to be in a separate cage if the female hamster is pregnant?

Yes. I learnt that the hard way. The female gets stressed and attacks the male as an act of protection for her unborn babies.

How will you get pregnant?

If you have sex without protection you can get pregnant

Can male hamsters be pregnant?

No, it is either a female if it is pregnant or an over fed male ! Just a fun fact, male seahorses get pregnant, but that is about the only animale where the male does.

Could you be pregnant if your boyfriend and you were dry-humping not knowing if he had pre-ejaculation Male not wearing anything you wearing only underwear?

if you had on underwear you should be fine. but get a preggo test just in case.

Can you get pregnant if the male inserted his penis for about ten seconds?

yes you can there is a such thing as pre-ejaculation if you arent wearing a condom there is a chance you could get pregnant. always wear one no matter what unless you are married.

How does a male get pregnant?

Male has no ovaries to get pregnant only sperms in his testies to get pregnant u need eggs in womb which is absent in male

Can male seahorse get pregnant?

Yes. Male seahorses get pregnant instead of females.Yes. The male gets pregnant instead of the female.

Could a male dog get pregnant?

No, if you have a pregnant male dog it is a female.

How easy is it to get pregnant when wearing a condom?

It is not easy to become pregnant while wearing a condom. You cannot become pregnant while wearing a condom unless the condom rips, tears or falls off during intercourse.

Can a girl get pregnant without using a condom?

yes, she can get pregnant, if the male ejaculates without protection there is a very very strong chamce of conception. even with a condom she can become npregnant, if the condom splits.

You and your boyfriend rubbed each other and you were wearing tights and he was wearing jeans is there any possibility to be pregnant?

No. There is no chance in hell that you will get pregnant.

What do people do to stay safe using mercury?

By wearing eye protection and by wearing gloves

Can my male guinea pig get pregnant?

No it is a male it is simply impossible for a male guinea pig to get pregnant

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