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no you can't

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โˆ™ 2007-11-04 17:07:20
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Q: Can you get pregnant from you own hands without semen on them?
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Can you get pregnant from swallowing your own semen?

No it's not possible

Can you get pregnant from your on sperm?

No, you cannot get pregnant from your own sperm in fact only guys produce semen and they can't get pregnant.

Can a guy drink his own semen?

yes, and without concern.

You have blisters on your hands-could they be from touching semen?

Blisters on your hands are normally caused by friction. I doubt, and cannot find any information otherwise, that semen will cause blisters but the friction to obtain that semen can. It is always recommended that you wash your hands immeidately after getting any body fluids on them for your own protection from STDs that enter your body through sores or other openings on your skin.

Can a man get someone pregnant after becoming sterile?

Not with his own semen. Though if he came into contact with another man's semen (having sex with another man or even a woman who recently had sex), then the "foreign" semen could impregnate the woman.

what is problem of drinking semen causes any health problems for men there own semen?

Consuming your own semen will do you no harm.

How can you get your dog pregnant without a dog?

You could search for studs of your specific breed on the Internet without actually having to own another dog. If you have a Veterinarian that knows how to do the chilled semen or frozen semen, your female dog can be inseminated with chilled or frozen semen from another dog that could be located far away. You would need to make arrangements with the owner of the chilled or frozen semen to have it shipped out to your Veterinarian who will then implant it into your dog when she is ovulating. One way or another you will need another dog to be involved.

Can you get aids from your own semen?

your question doesn't make any sense. if your semen is capable of infecting others with HIV, then you already have it.....and why are you ingesting your own semen?

I gave him head we made out he gave me head can i be pregnant?

Yes!! because after you made out he swallowed his own semen and his glands released it back into your vagina

Can you get HIV from your on Semen?

If your semen is infected with HIV, then you already have HIV. If your semen is not infected with HIV, then anything you do with your own semen will not cause HIV.

Does it harm if a man drinks his own Semen?

No,Nothing Its really healthy , Semen is only sugars, Protien, minerals,I suggest to taste and drink our own semen,,,

Can you get AIDS from eating your own semen?

First off, not to be mean or anything, but why would you want to eat your own semen? Secondly if you already have AIDS then your semen has aids as well. AIDS is transfered through semen, as well as other stuff. Please, always use a condom.But, just to be clear about the answer to your question, you can not get any disease from your semen if you don't already have the disease. if you do not have AIDS your semen can't give it to you.AnswerYou do not get AIDS. Aids is the intensity level of a HIV infection. AIDS is the point of HIV when your body's viral level is so high that it cannot successfully fight off any infections without strong medical help. In regards to your own semen. If you have hiv, it's in your semen as well.AnswerYour semen came from your body and it only contains things which are already present in your own body. If you don't have AIDs then your semen cannot contain anything extra that will 'give it' to you. If you do already have AIDs then you can't get an extra dose of it from eating your own semen. If you want to eat your own semen if is much safer than eating someone else's and there is no logical reason why you shouldn't do it, if you wish to.

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