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Could happen, but it's unlikely.

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you can but i don't recommend it because if you get her pregnant the baby will most likely have some sort of disability.

There is no such medicine.

91423620001423698521 penies

penies ***** I believe it should be penny. In which case, the plural is pennies.

If you get sexually aroused, it will grow. There is no reliable way to make it permanently bigger.

Because veryone knowss......... jews love penies

* okay first of all. it all depends. if you are having sex with him and the sperm goes into you then most likely you will be pregnant. but if your talking about leaning up against him or giving him a handjob this is tings to make a guy feel good

if it was all penies will become much bigger like 100 feet amen <3

Don't freak out your penis is still growing slowly but it is usually the last thing to start growing.

If your aim is that bad, probably they feel that they should pick someone higher in the gene pool to have sex with.

There is no safe or guaranteed method in which to increase the size of your penis. While surgery is an option, it carries with it the risk of something going wrong.

Probably not. Actually masturabtion does make your penis grow it extends the tissue more its what a penis enlargement does it extends your tissue in your penis...

im not sure what you mean so here are the awnsers for the possible penis : no they do not pennies : possibley depending on their wealth penines : this is a mountain range so no

yes your penis will die if you do it too much, remember the battle of gettysburg? it'll look like that inside your testes after the 50th time. blood everywhere

You didn't state if it is paper cuts or you hurt yourself by intercourse if it is paper cuts it can be treated with a antiseptic ointment you can buy at the Chemist. paper cuts are caused by a very dry skin caused by the water of your country it can be overcome by putting on a normal hand cream every day. If you hurt your self and the tear is a bit big you may have to get some stitches to bring the skin back together again, this can be done by your Doctor.

Spread the labia's or ask her (or ask her to be on top which might make it easier on her) and just go forward. There is only one vaginal canal so your penis wont go anywhere else.

I would class a 23 year old as an adult (as you have probably finished going through puberty) and the average length for an erect adult penis is 6 to 7 inches.

1000 penies 200 nickles 100 dimes 40 quartes 20 half dollar pieces 10 dollars 1 10 dollar bill 1/2 a twenty dollar bill

I assume you mean ''Do Asians have small penises?''. In any case, this question is more or less spam, and should be removed. Although, technically, the Chinese and Indian Average Penis Length is slightly below average.

you need to a research and find out yourself..its pretty easy! just take at least 100 pennies and record the year and you'll eventually add the ages of all the penies and devide by 100 and you'll get the age of pennies

When you insert a coin into a public phone it generates a tone for each type of coin inserted. therefore cannot be cheated by penies or nickels for quarters. The proper tone feedback tell s the phone co. the correct amount inserted.

The penis becomes small because you are not haveing it in use if after a day of it being small and not doing it this primarly indicates that you either are not attracted to women or in medical reasoning because you have colon cancer and if not treated can lead to death and penial explosion from to much blood flow