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Answer Usually without penatration a woman can't get pregnant as a mans's sperm has to enter her vaginal crevis, but you haven't said what he's rubbing you with so do be careful because if he's rubbing you with his penis, there could be a very slight chance of pregnancy. Tell him to wear a condom.

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Will Aria be pregnant in Pretty Little Liars?

WARNING:SpoilerALERT No Aria doesn't become pregnant in Pretty Little Liars. Although she does fool around with one off her teachers

What is a good sentence for the word underneath?

The little boy hid underneath a table from his friend

Can sperm make you pregnant by getting on your privates?

Anytime sperm is in or around the vagina it is possible to get pregnant. All it takes is one little fellow. If you don't want to get pregnant use protection or don't have sex.

U can get pregnant by one little drop of semen?

Can u get pregnant by one little drop of semen

Can little boys get pregnant?


I think Im pregnant but I went to the toilet and I had a little bit of blood does this mean Im not pregnant?

You can still have a little bit of blood even if your'e pregnant.

Can you be pregnant if you have heartburn cramps bloated gas nausea dizziness and your breasts hurt and you have little bumps around your nipples but you're never hungry?

Yes you could be pregnant. There pregnancy symptoms.

Is Melissa pregnant in Pretty Little Liars?

Melissa was pregnant but she had a miscarriage

Can little to no pre-ejaculatory fluid around a vagina but not directly inside of it get a girl pregnant?

I am thinkin no because you have to have a certain amount of sperm to get pregnant, besides that it has to be far enough in your area to get you prego.

What do rabbits do when there pregnant?

Have little bunnies!

Can you get pregnant if he nuts a little?


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How likely is it to get pregnant from a little sperm?

Only onesperm fertilizes the egg. So even a little sperm can get a girl or woman pregnant.

Can you get pregnant when the man spread a little sperm cell?

Yes you can, it might be harder to get pregnant but it only takes one little sperm

What does it take for a girl to get pregnant?

Only a little bit of sperm could get her pregnant

Who can help You were playing around a little boyfriend and started to jerk him off and he came on your pants which is a soft material Was on your period by the way Pregnant or can't get pregnant?

I couldn't put everything in right text me and my boyfriend was playing around fully dressed and I started to jerk him off and he came on my soft pants ... I was on my period by the way can I get pregnant?

When a little girl has sperm can she get pregnant a few years?

Only menstruated women can get pregnant.

Who gets Emily pregnant in Pretty Little Liars?

She isn't pregnant because she is a lesbian.

Can little tweens get pregnant?

Yes, if they have had their period!

Is beyonce's sister pregnant to little Wayne?


Is Loretta Lynn pregnant?

No, she is a little to old!

Is any one in little mix pregnant?


Is Hanna pregnant on Pretty Little Liars?


Can a little drop of semen get you pregnant?


Can a four month puppy get pregnant?

A female dog can only become pregnant during her heat cycle. That normally occurs at around 6 months, depends on the breed too. The larger breeds sometimes take a little longer for their first heat cycle and the smaller breeds a little sooner.

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