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you can still get pregnant while on your peroid. if he cums near your vagina you can also get pregant, chances are slim.

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What is the percent of getting pregnant on your period?

you cant get pregnant on your period. the whole "impregnation" takes place when you have an egg. but when you get your period, it lets the egg go and so there is no egg to fertilize.

Can you get pregnant by pre-ejaculate two days before your period?

No because when you have it it lets out eggs and if you dont have it quite yet you could not get pregnant

Can you get pregnant if he pulls out but the condom stays inside?

possibly, the outside of the condom is fine and clean but if the inside of it lets some semen into your vagina then you might get pregnant, your probably fine though this is highly unlikely

After getting a period how soon after can a woman get pregnant?

There are 2 theories- 1. Lets say you had your first period. As soon as that time ended you could get pregnant. Info Behind Number 1- Supposedly the sperm cannot get to the egg during your period because the blood clots and gets in the way 2.As soon as you start your period you can get pregnant whether you are on your period or currently off. Info Behind Number 2- If the eggs are coming out and sticking to the walls of your uterus you can have them fertilized

What does the carbon take away from the copper oxide when it reduces it?

because the vagina lets out vagina juice when someone either puts a dick in it or a vibrator

What are the chances of getting pregnant if the sperm touches only the outside of the vagina after being exposed to air for about 3 - 4 seconds?

Yea, because the sperm will be alive in the fluid that lets it move quicker through the vagina and if it gets in the Uterus it has a huge life span because all of the fluids.

You are 19 week pregnant when was your last period?

Lets say a month is 4 weeks. Anywhere from 6 months and a week ago to 7 months and a week ago.

Is it possible that if you are pregnant your first period is not delayed but the second one delayed?

It could be possible depending on the time that you had sexual intercourse. Depending on if you had sex seemly close to the time of your menstrual cycle. The body may not have had time to lets say "understand" that it is pregnant so it would show in your next period.

You are 10 years old and you have got pubity are you near to having your period?

Ok, yes your kinda close. Like about...lets see..... 1 to 2 and a half years away. But if your period comes before or after that, dont worry. PERIODS SUCK!!!

Why do you get your period early?

Well it depense every woman will get an irregular period every now and then. Not all women get there periods every lets say 28 days. There are going to be times that your period comes early and sometimes that you get it late. It's nothing to worry about unless you skip an entire month then I would be worried.

How does literature reflect a culture of a time period?

Literature lets you see how people lived and thought in that time period.

How do you make your penise bigger?

I don't know.....stick it in my vagina and lets f*ck and find ouT......im totally serious....my vagina is totally hungry for a large and hard dick....ohhh mmmm yah babymmm

Where is Herbert on clubpenguin?

lets say he hides when we r not doing missions. he comes out when we are

Would you still get pregnant if you took three after pills in one month?

if the first time you had sex then used the pill and you got your period.....then the secnd pill was taken right after ......and the third pill was taken ..lets say on 31 .........thrs no chance your prego but if you miss your period this month around the secnd week you are pregnant...on the bright side it also depends if you took the pills early enough for them to work (between 72hrs)

What is a cod black ops beta?

It lets you try the mutiplayer before the game comes out

Is it bad for male to jaculate inside pregnant feemale?

no because its happy camon baby lets jakul

Should you tell your ex your pregnant?

Think of it this way; lets just pretend it was possible for your ex to be pregnant. Yes a male!Would you want to be told if he was baring your child?

Can you be pregnant if your period is 2 weeks late you have spotting and took 2 pregnancy tests that came back negative but not really any pregnancy symptoms?

are you stressing, because that could be a huge factor for why your period is late, it does that just to scare you i swear that's the reason, any way the spotting if you got it around the time you got your period could of been when your period was supposed to come, the same sort of thing happened to me, but it could also be implantation bleeding if you are pregnant, that's when the fertalized egg attaches to the uterine lining and lets off some blood for some people, but since you had two negative tests i doubt you pregnant but maybe you should go get it checked out

Why do woman get there period?

period : a period is when the body thinks its prego but its not so it lets out red stuff that looks like blood but it isnt stay calm its usually during pueberty the youngest girl to have a period was three

What is the name of a dance that comes from a European country?

Lets see!!! the most popular is ball dance!!!

How do bull sharks raise there young?

it raises the youn when a pedator comes it lets the predators eat it

Can you get pregnant by semen with your clothes on from a boy's wet dream?

no you can't if you have your clothes on even if the boy has his clothes off if you and him were sleeping together and he had his wet dream and his semen came out but you had clothes on no.A:Yes, you can!! Though it's probably a slim chance. Cloth is not a barrier to sperm! Semen - and the sperm in it - will seep through cloth. It all depends on WHERE his semen ended up on you. If it was only against your arm or something like that, then there's nothing to worry about.If you were sleeping together so that his semen soaked through, and was up against your vagina, then it is possible that some sperm could make it in. Any time a girl gets semen in or on the outside of her vagina, she can get pregnant. Even if the girl has never had a penis inside her vagina, she can get pregnant if she lets someone ejaculate on the outside of it.There would be less semen getting through if it had to soak through cloth first, but there is still the chance of getting pregnant.sounds like a bloody good Friday night out to me!

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