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Q: Can you get pregnant if he pull out before he comes?
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When a guy comes inside you and forgets to pull out can i be pregnant?

not if you douche with bleach really fast

Can a you get pregnant if she has sex briefly and the guy pulls out before he comes?

Yes you can still get pregnant.

Can a girl gets pregnant if a guy comes before a girl?

If a guy comes inside the girl, she can get pregnant no matter what, except if they are using contraception [condoms, etc.]

Your Boyfriend Ejaculated in you on your last day of ovulation 12days before your period is due can you be pregnant if your period still comes?

If your period comes, it's unlikely that you're pregnant

If you come before the guy and then he comes in you can you still get pregnant?

The order of orgasm has no bearing on whether or not you can get pregnant. Orgasm of either partner is not a requirement to become pregnant.

Can you get pregnant if m boyfriend nuts in you 1 day before your period comes on?

It depends...

How long little blood comes before pregnant?

Can you take birth control pills and still be pregnant Can you take birth control pills and still be pregnant

Can a girl get pregnant if the boy doesnt pull out?

Yes.A girl can even get pregnant if the boy does pull out.

Can a cow nurse a calf for 16 months if she is not pregnant?

Probably, if the calf doesn't pull the cow down before then.

Can you move out of your parents house if your 16 and pregnant?

No, you are pregnant not emancipated. You don't have more rights now than you did before the pregnancy except when it comes to your child.

Can you get pregnant 6 days before your period comes?

You can get pregnant when you have your period after, before and even long after you've had sex ... sperm can lay dormant for a long time inside of a women all it needs is warmth ...

When you are pregnant Can it hurt your baby if the dentist has to pull teeth?

No it doesnt hurt the baby in anyway when you pull out a tooth from a pregnant lady.

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