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You said there was no penetration, so what was less than five seconds, his erection? The amount of time you opened your eyes to look at his johnson? What?

2006-09-13 01:21:17
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Q: Can you get pregnant if his penis didnt go in and it was less than 5 seconds and if he didnt ejaculate?
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Can you get pregnant if he rubs his penis inside your vagina but you are a virgin and he didnt cumm?

if there was pre-ejaculate yes since pre-ejaculate can contain small amounts of sperm and virgins can get pregnant.

Your boyfriend rubbed his penis arong your vagina he didnt have pre-ejaculate yet could you still be pregnant?


Can a girl get pregnant if a penis was In then out?

She sure can, if there was any ejaculate or pre-ejaculate on or around the penis at the time.

Can you be pregnant if the penis did not full go in but there was still pre-ejaculate?

YES of course!

Could i be pregnant if his penis was rubbing against my ass but he didn't ejaculate?

No, you cant get pregnant.

Could you be pregnant if his penis was not all in and was not ejaculating yet?

impossible. you have to ejaculate to get a girl pregnant.

Can you get pregnant if the penis enters the vagina but does not ejaculate the penis wasnt in for very long only for a few seconds?

Yes. All that has to happen for a woman to get pregnant is for one sperm to meet one egg, and it's possible for a sperm cell to be carried in the pre-ejaculate fluid. Do yourself and your partner a favor and use a condom!

How much must be penis size tu make pregnant?

If the penis can get through the vaginal opening and ejaculate, sperm can get to an egg and you can get pregnant.

Can a girl get pregnant if your trying to put it in her and the condom breaks but you didnt ejaculate?

Pre-sperm ( the stuff on your penis to keep it greasy) also contains sperm. So your answer is yes.

Do you have to prime a 2000 S10 fuel pump when you replace it?

Can I a virgin get pregnant if my boyfriend without both having clothes on rubbed the outside of my vagina with his penis and said he didnt ejaculate could you still be pregnant?

Can you get pregnant if they ejaculate outside the vagina then washes the penis?

Yes there is a chance of it.

Can a woman get pregnant if a man just places his penis near the Virgina and does not ejaculate?

no they cannot get pregnant

Can you become pregnant if he just rubs his penis on your vagina and does not ejaculate?

potentially if pre-ejaculate came into contact with the vagina

Can you be pregnant if only the head of the penis is in for say 30 seconds and the guy didn't ejaculate inside and it was finished off by handd?

There is always a possibility of you getting pregnant if he pre-cums in you. Condom first no matter what.

Can you get pregnant if a guy rubs his penis on your vagina?

NO. The guy needs to ejaculate for there to be a chance you will get pregnant. touching does nothing.

Can you get pregnant if you rub your penis on her vagina without out any signs of pre-ejaculate?

Yes, if sperm comes anywhere near the vagina then there is a chance that she will become pregnant.

Can you get pregnant on your first time if the penis is only in you a minute?

Absolutely. If the penis enters the vagina even for a second, you can become pregnant. Even if he does not ejaculate, there is pre-come.

Is it possible to get your girlfriend pregnant if you had pre-ejaculate on the tip of your penis and rubbed it on her vagina?

DEFIANTLY YES. She can get pregnant from that.

Can you get pregnant if he puts his penis in the lips of the vagina but doesn't ejaculate?

Yes you can. It happened to me. Be careful!

Can you get pregnet by sucking on a penis?

No. As long as the ejaculate doesn't go into your vagina you are not going to get pregnant.

Can you get pregnant if a guy ejaculate then washed his penis with soap and reinserts it?

Its Possible But Its Very Rare

Can you get pregnant when he pushes and rubs his penis on your vagina?

Yes you can. It only takes a small amount of sperm. Men have a thing called pre-ejaculate, clear liquid that leaks from his penis. Even this can make you pregnant. So he doesn't even have to ejaculate for you to become pregnant so be careful.

Is there any way you can get your girlfriend pregnant if you washed your penis after you came?

If you washed after ejaculating and then had unprotected sex afterwards you could certainly get her pregnant. There would still be ejaculate in your penis.

Can you ejaculate by squeezing the bottom of your penis?

You can ejaculate without touching you penis.

Can a girl get pregnant if a guy entered her for a couple of seconds and noticed when he pulled out that inside the bottom of his penis as far down as his testicles there was pre-ejaculate?

Yes, if she's ovulating, or begins to ovulate within the next two days, it's possible.