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If no semen enters the vagina, it is unlikely for pregnancy to occur. Some sperm can be in the fluid that comes out the tip of the penis when it's aroused, but this is less likely to make you pregnant than a full ejaculation of semen in or near the vagina.

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Your question is unclear but yes you can get pregnant if you don't use a condom. You can get pregnant if you do use a condom. If very rare cases you can have a period when pregnant

Well, the chances are lower than if you just used a non-spermicidal condom that broke, however you could still get pregnant

If the condom was the only form of contraceptive being used at the time, then yes you can get pregnant if it broke.

yup.broken condom means ur semen are in her vagina and there is chances that she get pregnant

No, unless it got through the condom or if the condom broke.

Most likely, you are pregnant if it has been two moths and if the condom broke. Good luck!!

it all depends on when it broke if you enjus

If there are sperm in the condom the woman could get pregnant.

The chances are the same as if the condom was not used at all.

Well here's a hint.....if you become pregnant, the condom broke.

Well if the condom broke at all then it's a bad sign.

You cannot get pregnant using a condom unless the condom broke or had tiny holes in it or was taken off unproperly.

Yes, if a condom breakes and the sperm gets out into the vagina, you can get pregnant. You can also get pregnant if there's sperm on a finger, and it goes up your vagina.

unless the condom had a hole in it or if it broke, and if your period is normal and you haven't missed any, no, there's no chance of being pregnant.

If you're using birth control correctly, chances are you won't become pregnant even if the condom broke.If sperm gets into the vagina there ALWAYS is some risk of getting pregnant. Birth control pills are only 98% effective.

There is the possibility of becoming pregnant in that situation. You should get tested to verify.

yes it is possible that the condom did break.......... and mabye it slid off but did you examine the condom to see if it broke i mean it could have not fit him.

Yes. Because if the condom broke his sperm goes in side and fertilize the egg so yes you can get pregnant on your first day of your period.