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You can get pregnant at any time while having unprotected sex, it does not matter who's on top.

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Can you get pregnant if a girl is wearing a thong but he has boxers onand on top of each other humping?

The only way in which a girl can get pregnant is if a sperm fertilizes her ovum (which is inside her.) So if somehow, he ejaculates inside of her, maybe. Otherwise, it's impossible.

Can a 60 year old man get a girl pregnant if she is on top of him when he breaks?

A sixty years old man can get the girl pregnant. This can happen regardless of the position of the both during the sexual act.

Can a woman get pregnant if the men comes in her has the roles to the vagina?

The woman can get pregnant only if when she ovulates, there is some human male sperm nearby to fertilize it. It does not matter if the man ejaculates outside of her or on top of her etc. It only matters if some of his 'stuff' gets near enough to one of her tiny eggs. SO yes there is a chance, but it is much smaller than if the man ejaculates all the way inside there.

Can a girl get pregnant if the she is on top?


Can you get a girl pregnant when shes on top of the boy?

okay just because the girl is on top doesn't mean she can't get pregnant , if sperm gets in her vagina she can get pregnant , no matter what position.

When a girl is on top and the guy is at the bottom and comes into the girl while she is on top can she get pregnant?

Both can be skydiving at the time, you can get pregnant regardless of the position as long as he is inside of you.

Can you gety pregnant if the man sperm get on the top of your hairs?


Can a girl get pregnant better being on top?

Yes, definitely.

Can a girl get pregnant if she climaxes before he does?

yes if you have unprotected sex and the guy ejectulates into the girl she can get pregnant her climaxing before the guy does not stop pregnancy just like if the girl is on top she can still get pregnant if she does not want to get pregnant there are condoms use them

What r the chances of being pregnant when he penetrated inside you and then ejaculates on top of you and wipes it ooff your vagina?

Chances are high because it many cases the sperm can still enters the vagina.

What sexual position is best to try and get pregnant?

Girl on top lol

Can girls be pregnant if she sit on the top of penis when he wear underwear?

No. for her to get pregnant she has to have the penis inserted in her vagina at the right time of her menstrual cycle and he has to ejaculate. sperm has to be able to get to her ovum in order to fertilize it, and it just wont happen that way, even if he ejaculates in his underpants.

Can a girl get pregnant if she's on top and the guy pre-cums?


Can a girl get pregnant is she is on top?

Yes. It has nothing to do with position, if sperm enters the vagina a female can get pregnant...that's all it takes.

If the girl is on top are the chances of getting pregnant lower?

NO. USE CONDOMS. The Chances are not lower!!!!!

Can a girl get pregnant if the guy is on top of her and she feels his penis?

yes because she is having sex with him.

Can you get pregnant on the sims xbox360?

Yes, you just get the male sim to makeout with the girl sim then go in the bed and then it will say woohoo! then you have to go to try for a baby then if you see flowers on top of the bed then the girl is pregnant if you don't see flowers on top of the bed then she's not pregnant. After a couple of days the baby will be born.

Can a girl get pregnant if you were wearing boxers and sport shorts and your girlfriend was on top of you with just underwear and you ejaculated in your shorts?

No stupid you have to be near the vagina to get someone pregnant

What does a male have to do to help a girl get pregnant?

have unprotected sex usually the male on top with a pillow under the female

Can you get pregnant even if you are on top?

Yes! Yes you can get pregnant even though you are on top.

Is it possible of a girl and guy are on top of each other without underwear and the boy doesn't ejaculate for the girl to get pregnant without sex?

There's no way the girl will get pregnant, because the boy did not ejaculate, so that means no sperm or semen excreted that will fertilize a mature egg of the female.

Is it easy gettint pregnant when the man is on top?

yes it is because when mens are on the top of ladies somyimes that means that you can sex and by doing sex for some days you may get pregnants

When a man is proposed by his girlfriend what kind of feelings does he have?

He feels the most special in the world. A Man likes if a girl proposes them it feels that they are on the top of the world if he likes the girl and wanted to propose her but couldn't get the strength.

Can a girl get pregnant if your making out and your on top but you both have underwear and shorts on but some precum comes out. and she gets her period a week and a half later. could she be pregnant?

That would be unlikely to the extreme.

Can a woman still get pregnant if she is on top?

Yes. Any unprotected sex can get you pregnant. The sperm shoots up. Therefore you can stilll get pregnant if you are on top.