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If he didn't ejaculate again (lol, sometimes it only takes a few seconds) then almost certainly not.

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Can you get pregnant by humping a toilet seat?

ONLY if a male had very recently ejaculated on the seat and you humped that same spot.

Can sperm still get you pregnant if it does not enter you immediately after being ejaculated?

Yes, Sperm Can Live For 72Hours After Leaving The Male Body

Can you fall pregnant if comdom splits and male has not ejaculated?

it has not yet been proven but it is possible as the male leaks sperm before he ejaculates so there for it is possible but is a confusing question

What are the 10 possibilities that yo might get pregnant?

10 possibilities are, if you have unprotected sex, you have sex during your ovulation phase, you take fertility pills and have sex, you are of mature enough age to get pregnant, you didn't use a condom, you didn't use birth controll,you had sex, you made out and a male ejaculated next your vagina, a male ejaculated inside you. you where trying to get pregnant. those are 10 possibilitys that you might get pregant.

What is the exact percentage of the likelyness of getting pregnant by pre-ejaculate if the male had ejaculated before but washed his penis?

Use a condom. Don't worry.

Can they tell the difference between a male and a female on a urine drug test?

Only if the female is pregnant, on their period, or very stressed. Or if the male recently ejaculated, in which case semen or seminal fluid is likely to be in the urine.

What are your chances of being pregnant from a condom that got stuck inside you for a couple days?

Don't think so as long as the male hasn't ejaculated and the condom has ripped

Is A man can do miscarriage of an animal due to his discharge in her?

An animal is pregnant and has a miscarriage and you wonder if it's because a human male had sex and ejaculated in her? No I don't think so.

Does a Chihuahua get pregnant less than 6 seconds?

It all depends on the male dog.

Can my female rabbit get pregnant if my male wasn't in her long?

Only takes a few seconds.

How do you know if a male ejaculated inside you?

Um ask him!

Can a girl get pregnant when she is not ovulating?

This can be complicated because a man's sperm CAN live up to five days (although some studies say seven days) after it has been ejaculated into the female. If the male ejaculated 5-7 days before ovulation then it is possible.

How long does a male have to be on a female to get them pregnant?

Usually just a few seconds, but it depends what kind of animal.

Can you get pregnant if you used a condom and it had holes and your period 7 days ago?

If it had holes or you didn't change it after the male ejaculated HELL YEA! of course!! Check out NOT .com REMEMBER, sexetc.ORG

Could you Get Pregnant In 3 to 5 Minutes?

It's not a matter of time, but what happened during that time. If the male ejaculated, even in 3-5 minutes, and the female was ovulating, the chances of pregnancy exist.

How long does it take for a male rat to pregnant a female rat?

If the male is considered good enough by the female and she allows him close to her right away, male rats only take 5 seconds to mount a female and finish the job. The chances of him getting her pregnant are very high, even from only one mating session. From meeting to parting ways, it can take a minimum of 7 seconds for a female rat to become pregnant by a male. And you thought YOUR sex life sucked.

Does girl only become pregnant when male sperm is ejaculated in her vagina?

a girl doesn't actually get pregnant when the sperm meets the vagina. A girl only gets pregnant when she has sex with a guy. It only happens when the sperm meets with the girl's egg cells and when they combine, they make a cell forming a baby.

Can a human male get pregnant?

No, a male cannot get pregnant.

How much sperm does a male produce?

More than you can count! Millions of sperm are ejaculated during a single male orgasm.

Can you get pregnant if you used a spermicide condom and it broke and you continued having sexual intercourse for 20 seconds?

If you are male, no. If you are female, yes.

What does it feel like for a woman to be ejaculated in?

You can't really feel anything. The only way you would really know is when the male slows down and he kind of hints he had ejaculated.

Can male hamsters be pregnant?

No, it is either a female if it is pregnant or an over fed male ! Just a fun fact, male seahorses get pregnant, but that is about the only animale where the male does.

How does a male get pregnant?

Male has no ovaries to get pregnant only sperms in his testies to get pregnant u need eggs in womb which is absent in male

Can male seahorse get pregnant?

Yes. Male seahorses get pregnant instead of females.Yes. The male gets pregnant instead of the female.

If a male guinea pig was on a female guinea pig for 2 seconds would it become pregnant?

anything is possible.... watch her carefully

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