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As long as there is semen on his penis when he puts it back in you can become pregnant.

yes, he may have percummed inside her.

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Q: Can you get pregnant if the man ejaculates on the outside but does not wash up and puts his penis back in?
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Can you get pregnant if he cums on the outside but goes back in with sperm on his penis?


Can you get pregnant if he puts his penis in the back hole?


Can you get pregnant if he ejaculated but peed then washed his penis then sticks it back in?

yes, there is a chance you can get pregnant from that

Can you get pregnant if a guy ejaculates outside of you but then you manually push the semen back inside of you?

YES yes. This does not guarantee pregnancy, but it can happen. Be aware of the consequences of your actions and also be aware that his rights may have been violated if you do such an act.

Can you get pregnant if a guy pulls out but rubs the sperm all over his penis and goes right back in?

Yes, because the sprem is on the penis and its still alive which still can get you pregnant

If a man penis touches a woman back and the penis front point get little wet does she get pregnant?

wow-be more specific -__-

Women have two holes.front and back.what they are called and where to insert penis to make women pregnant?

To make her pregnant you insert the penis in the vagina, the front. The back one is the same you have, the anus.

If a guy ejaculates and fluid goes into eyes can it get a girl pregnant?

You cannot be serious???!!!!! The standard of education these days really is poor. Of course you can. If it goes in the girls ears she will get pregnant with twins! No you cannot get pregnant. I suggest you go back to school!

How do you know if a man pre-ejaculates?

When a man releases pre-ejaculatory fluid, you will see a clear slippery fluid on the head of the penis. If the man is uncircumcised, the pre-ejaculatory fluid can be seen by sliding back the foreskin to expose the head of the penis.

Does a girl get pregnant even if the sperm of the guy comes out after inserting it in her after sex?

If the boy ejaculates after withdrawing it from the vagina the chances of getting pregnant are much lower, but they are not zero, since there are a few sperm in the pre-ejaculate (precum), and she can get pregnant from this. Also, depending on where the sperm lands when he ejaculates makes a difference. If he were to ejaculate onto her belly or back, some could drip into her vagina and, though not as likely, can still cause pregnancy.

I didn't have intercourse but for one time his penis was in between your legs from your back. Can I be pregnant?

There is no chance of pregnancy in this situation

If your husband pulled his penis out when he ejaculated and then placed it back in your vagina could you get pregnant?

It is possible, especially if he was not finished yet.

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