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It doesn't matter if you are gay, straight, or bi. If a girl and a guy have intercourse there ISA possibility of the girl getting pregnant. It's that simple.

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Why can't gay people get pregnant?

Gay women can get pregnant. To be pregnant you need the egg and the sperm, so homosexual sex won't do the trick. But if a lesbian has heterosexual intercourse or artificial insemination, or a gay man had sex with a woman (straight or lesbian), pregnancy could occur.

Who is Audrey le?

A person who is not a gay and lesbian :) She is also awesomethe person who put her as a gay lesbian is a gay lesbian

Can gay marry with lesbian?

If they did then they wouldn't be gay or lesbian now would they?

Can you be gay and lesbian?

The words "gay" and "lesbian" mean the same thing.

Would you rather be gay or lesbian?

You don't have this choice. If you are a gay man, you are a gay man. If you are a gay woman, you are lesbian.

Can you get pregnant if you're gay?

The only way to get pregnant is if you are a female - with eggs, periods, and a womb. If you're a lesbian and have sex with a man without using protection then you will most likely become pregnant. Gay men cannot become pregnant, but they can impregnate women. If you are a lesbian woman, you can get pregnant, but only if you have sex with a man or undergo a fertility procedure that uses banked sperm cells.

Are you gay if you like a lesbian?

No, you aren't gay if you like a lesbian. She is still a female.

Is bisexuality considered as being a lesbian or gay?

being bisexual is where you was either gay/lesbian or straight first but then you changed to straight or gay/lesbian eg. you was gay but then you fell in love with a woman.

Is bisexual gay and lesbian a gender?

No. Bisexual, gay, and lesbian are sexual orientations, not genders.

How Can you be gay and lesbian at the same time?

Because a lesbian is a female that is gay, gay people can be both male and female, gay men are homosexuals.

Does cheating with a lesbian make you gay?

No, cheating with a lesbian makes you a cheater. Nothing can make you gay or lesbian; that is something you're born with.

What is a homeasexual?

a person who is gay or a labrian

Is there a Gay and Lesbian Category in the Answers App?

No, there does not appear to be a gay and lesbian category in the Answers app.

Why are people lesbian and gay?

beacause people are born to be gay and lesbian. well that is there choice if they want 2 be gay or lesbian

Is homosexuality causes because of impact of mother when she is pregnant?

No. Homosexuality usually cannot be helped by the individual. Sometimes there are signs at a young age to whether or not a person is gay or lesbian. At other times there can be little sign that a person could be gay or lesbian. It is completely normal for a person to be homosexual and it is not cause by the impact of a mother when she is pregnant.

What is the most common form of sex straight or lesbian or gay?

Most people are straight but then it is lesbian, then gay

What does God do with gay and lesbian people?

God does the same thing with gay and lesbian people that He does with straight people.

What does it mean when a hotel states that they are associated with IGLTA?

It means that they welcome gay and lesbian customers, with employment policies that are accomodating with gay and lesbian people, and that they may also donate money to local gay and lesbian foundations. IGLTA means: International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association.

Is Ms.Lether a lesbian?

Yes she is,she is very very lesbian and gay!

How do you say lesbian in Hawaiian?

Lesbian or Gay = māhū

Is Pam grier a lesbian?

Is Pam Grier a lesbian? Or gay

What is the difference between a gay person and a lesbian?

Gay is usually for guys and lesbian is girls well that's how it seems. You can still call a girl gay but calling a guy lesbian would be weird.

Are lizards gay?

Yes lizards are gay and lesbian.

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