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Yes, you may get pregnant if he puts his penis inside the vagina and ejaculates (without using a condom) during the fertility period.

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Can you get pregnant if he pumps a few times and then takes it out and puts a condom on?

There is always a slight chance of getting pregnant that way.

Was Michael Jackson a virgin?

No, Lisa Marie has said a few times that they had a sex life.

Is Kakashi Hatake a virgin?

It is unknown. However my guess is that he did Rin a few times :P

Can you have your period few times then find out you are pregnant?

Once you have a period after having sex, it is a sure bet that you are not pregnant.

Your hamster is getting fat sleeping a lot more than when you got her very aggressive and eating a lot is she pregnant?

put a few square of toilet roll in her cage and if she puts them where she sleeps she might be pregnant. if you can see her nipples she deffo pregnant x x x

How do you get a teen pregnant in sims 3?

you have "whoo-hooo" a few times and eventually u will have a baby

How do you know that my wife is virgin?

You beat the guts up n if its tight there u have it. But if she puts it on u like shes been to a few rodeos then most likely shes not my man. Logic n physics.

Can stress cause a false positive home pregnancy test?

yeah. it can. i actually heard a few times that if you thinkk that you are pregnant then your body will act as if you are pregnant

What are the chances of pregnancy if girls underwear is on but she is wet and boys not wearing anything and just touches the vagina foe few seconds?

dude, shes pregnant. lol Chances are high if he puts it in, remember you cant get pregant unless the guy puts sperm inside of you

Do the virgin airways only fly to the Virgin Islands?

No, Virgin Airlines, also called Virgin Atlantic, flies between the UK and Europe, the US, the Caribbean, and a few airports in Africa and Asia. It is not restricted to the Virgin Islands.

In sims 1 for PC how do you get pregnant?

You can't really get pregnant on the Sims 1. But the way to have a baby is to kiss a few times and a pop up comes and asks if they want a baby.

Your partners sperm didnt come out of you a few times but now it is again does this mean you could be pregnant?

If your partner's sperm went in you could be pregnant. Whether or not it comes out is completely beside the point.

Is jeremiah a virgin?

yes, and he will be for quite a few more years

On sims 2 dobble deluxe how can a boy become pregnant?

Get the man to become interested in scince and have them look through the telescope, after a few times at night and once they have quite a few logic poins they will be abducted by aliens and when they come back they will be pregnant. Then they will have an alien baby :)

Can you get pregnant on sims bustin out for PS2?

I have in the sims free play. You have 2 kiss a few times then it will ask u if u want to.

When a man eljaculates he puts out 2 to 3 million sperm?

A man puts out about 111 million to 115 million sperms. That's an average, but can sometimes be as low as a few million or, in some few cases, none.

Can you get pregnant a few days after cycle?

Yes. You can get pregnant anytime. Always use protection if you do not want to get pregnant.

Pregnant but negative test?

Well, no pregnancy test is 100% sure. just take the test a few more times if you wanna be sure.

How long does it take to know if she is pregnant?

somtimes morning after sickness is a clue, other times it may not be and pregnancy tests can tell after a few days

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