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Abolutely. A tampon is essentially a piece of cotton. Sperm are microscopic organisms. Not only can you be pregnant but you've opened yourself up to a myriad of sexually transmitted diseases. Always use protection.

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2006-03-29 19:21:52
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Q: Can you get pregnant if you had a tampon in and he had his penis in you ejaculating without protection?
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Can you get a girl pregnant by ejaculating inside her while she is on her period and has a tampon in?

what is wrong with you??

Can a tampon get you pregnant?

No, a tampon cannot get you pregnant, not does it offer any protection against getting pregnant if you have sex while one is inserted.

Can you get a tampon?

No, a tampon cannot get you pregnant, not does it offer any protection against getting pregnant if you have sex while one is inserted.

If you tried on a tampon without a period will you get pregnant?

A tampon will never make you pregnant, and won't interfere with your ability to get pregnant in the future. You get pregnant from a penis in the vagina, not a tampon.

What are the xhances of getting pregnant with a tampon in?

Same as without. You can't have sex with a tampon in. It can harm you and you might not get it out.

Could you get pregnant by a tampon?

No, obviously you cannot get pregnant by a tampon.In order to get pregnant you need sperm to fertilize an egg, sperm normally comes from a penis - thus to get pregnant you'd either have to have sex or have IVF. A tampon is not a penis, a tampon cannot contain sperm, and using a tampon is not sex - thus you can't get pregnant by a tampon.

Can you get pregnant by breaking your hymen by putting in a tampon?

Nooo you can't get pregnant from a tampon, even if it breaks your hymen. To get pregnant there needs to be sperm involved lol.

Can you get pregnant while on your period and you use a tampon?

Whether or not you're using a tampon does not matter, a tampon is not a method of birth control so it will not prevent pregnancy. If you have sex while on your period you can get pregnant.

Can a girl get pregnant while wearing a tampon?

If you have sex on your period while wearing a tampon, you could get pregnant because it would not stop the sperm from going to the egg.If the tampon is the only thing in: No

Can i get pregnant while you have a tampon but had no penetration?

No, you cannot get pregnant in this scenario. If there is no penetration from your partner then there is no way for the semen to get into your vagina. Whether you're wearing a tampon or not makes no difference to whether or not you can get pregnant.

Can my dog get pregnant if it ate my tampon?

Your dog cannot get pregnant by consuming your tampon. In order for you dog to become pregnant is with the sprem from a male dog. What you need to be careful of is to be sure that your dog is able to defecate the tampon or continues to act the same. If she does not, the tampon may be stuck in her innards and may require a visit to the vet.

What if your having a baby and your tampon is in?

A woman does not get her period while she's pregnant, therefore, she does not need a tampon.

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