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The hymen is the protective barrier of the vagina, so it has to be broken for a female to be impregnated.

2006-08-28 17:00:22
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Is it possibel to get pregnant if you get your cherry pop for the first time'?

There is no cherry to pop and if you refer to your hymen it can in no way protect you from pregnancy. The risk for pregnancy is just as big whether it's your first or 250th time you have unprotected sex.

Can you get pregnant alone if you pop your cherry?

No, you can't get pregnant alone by popping your cherry. The only way for you to get pregnant is if a Sperm enters and gets inside of your Eggs.

Can you be pregnant if your cherry isn't popped?

yes, and virgins are able to get pregnant.

What name has the meaning cherry blossom?

In Japanese Sakura means "cherry tree or cherry blossom".

How do you tell if cherry barbs are pregnant?

they will be rounded

If a guy doesn't pop your cherry can you be pregnant?


What are the chances of getting pregnant from?

Can pre-cum get a girl who's cherry isn't popped pregnant?

Can you have kids but never had your cherry popped before?

Yea becauSe Im pregnAnt now and never had my cherry popped

Can you get pregnant if you pop your cherry with your finger?

No a male is required to fertilize.

Meaning of cherry in french?

"une cerise"

What is the meaning of the double cherry symbol?


Does you cherry have to be popped to get pregnant?

No your ''cherry'' doesnt have to get popped for you to get pregnate. There has been reports of ''virgin'' births. It can happen it the sperm gets inside.

Can you get pregnant if your cherry isn't popped?

Yes. If sperm seeps into a vagina and finds the egg you can get pregnant. Popping a cherry means when a girl (usually losing her virginity) vagina is stretched and torn which leads to bleeding.

What is the meaning of the name Sakura?

cherry blossoms (Japanese).

Does her cherry have to be popped to get pregnant?

No, it's possible to become pregnant without disturbing the hymen at all. Vaginal delivery will, however, change all that.Yes, the first time you have sex your cherry pops. You can get pregnant the first time you have sex. That's why its very important for you to use protection unless your wanting to get pregnant.

If you are a virgin and your partner has penetrated your vagina but not popped your cherry can pre-ejaculate get you pregnant?

penetration IS popping your cherry..... Not necessarily, some can say popping your cherry is when the hymen breaks and therefore you bleed, but this varies between girls. There is a chance of getting pregnant from pre, but it's very slim

Were does the name sakura come from?

It comes from the meaning 'cherry blossom'.

What is the meaning of cherry tattoos?

Go to site gives you a description of what the cherry and other tattoo designs mean.

Can you get pregnant without your cherry being popped?

No because the dick can't get in if the hymen is in the way

Can a girl get pregnant when cherry was just popped?

If she has sex without insisting on a condom - YES !

If your cherry has not been popped and he cums in you can you get pregnant?

Of course. And you can get a ually transmitted disease. Welome to the world of life-changing decisions. You cant get pregnant.

Can you get pregnant if I pop my own cherry with my own finger It's 'cause I don't want a boy to pop my cherry and I dont want to get pregnant at 11?

Hun if you don't know how to get pregnant I'm happy you stick to masturbation. Why is this important at 11 anyway? You are far too young to plan anything sexual with a boy. And no, you can't get pregnant without sperm.

What is the meaning of the name Cherry Anne?

It is French and means "beloved and gracious."

What is the meaning of the name Sakuraba?

Sakuraba means 'cherry blossom garden'

What is the meaning of shirt slogan save a cherry pop a collar?

The expression to stealing a womens virginity is often referred to as "popping a cherry". So the expression "save a cherry pop a collar" is implying it is better to pop a collar rather than a cherry ;]