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If you have a whitish discharge you need to go to the doctor.

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Q: Can you get pregnant if you have a whitish discharge?
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What color is discharge if your pregnant?

Usually whitish or milky, off-white color.

What is leukhorrhoea?

whitish vaginal discharge.

What is the meaning for vellaipaduthal in English language?

Leucorrhoea Whitish discharge

Do you suppose to have whitish vaginal discharge 5 days before your period?

You are supposed to have discharge every day.

How do you get discharge?

Infection (if it's greenish or brownish) or near Menopause (whitish)

What are the symptoms of the medical condition Azoospermia?

Some of the symptoms related to the medical condition called Azoospermia are the inability to get your partner pregnant and clear watery or whitish discharge of the male organ.

I have whitish discharge does this mean anything?

yea that ur period is coming soon.

What is luekorrhea?

a medical term that denotes a thick, whitish or yellowish vaginal discharge

Do you discharge ovulation discharge if pregnant?

if you are pregnant you miss your period

After sex if there still is a whitish discharge does that mean you are still ovulating meaning you are not pregnant?

Whitish discharge could be a yeast infection, or just your nautral moisture. If you suspect you're pregnant take a test, or see your doctor.Not necessarily. But it could be. There is no real way to tell if you are pregnant unless you take a test or are having your period.EVEN IF YOU ARE STILL OVULATING SPERM CAN LAST QUITE A FEW DAYS IN YOUR BODY SO IT STAYS IN THE FALLOPIAN TUBES UNTIL THE EGG IS READY TO BE FERTILIZED, THERE IS STILL A CHANCE YOU MAY GET PREGNANT. IF YOU ARE UNSURE YOU CAN ALWAYS TAKE A HPT THE FIRST DAY OF YOUR MISSED PERIOD

Is it normal to secrete a whitish discharge from your penis when you are having a bowel movement?

I haven't heard of this happening before during a mans bowel movement. The whitish discharge sounds like you may have a infection present in your penis. See your doctor for a examination.

What kind of discharge is to be expected when you're pregnant?

A heavier whitish thin mucousy discharge can be expected during pregnancy. If you have any odor or itching or alarming color such as brown, red (bleeding), or green get to your doctor ASAP for a checkup it can be an infection, or STD, that can potentially harm your baby!!!

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