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nope you cant , impossible.

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Can You get pregnant if sperm comes or back of condom?

Yes, if it leaked inside the vagina you could get pregnant. Using condoms with spermicide will cut some of this risk.

Can a girl get pregnant if you ejaculated in the condom took a shower wash your penis then put it back in without the condom?

You would want to have the condom on because a girl can get pregnant even of there is no proper ejaculation, and even after one has occurred and despite washing. This is because some fluid containing sperm cells will often be produced during intercourse and can make a female pregnant.

Can you get pregnant if sperm comes out the back of condom?

If it's coming out the back then it could have gotten inside your vag. But if it's minimal you shouldn't be worried.

Ways of getting pregnant with the condom on?

Hi,Your question is:Ways of getting pregnant with the condom on?You can become pregnant when using a condom if the following should occur:* Condom falls off* Condom rips or tears* Condom has any holes in it.Aaah That Happend To Meh And My Ex-Girl Friend Jenny ,, We Were Happily Bangin When Suddenly She Pulled me Into Her Even More She Started Sayin Hardder Hardder .. I Did ,, The Condom fell off , She Got Pregnant ,, The Condom Was Still In Side Of Her Though ,, She Had A Termination Because We Broke Up Threw All The Arguements About Who's Fault It Was ,, We Got back together ,, The Same Kind Of Thing Hapend But We Were So Drunk We Forgot The Condom ,, Now We Have Split Up And She Had Another Termination ! So Guyz Be careful out there x

What will happen if he sticks it in and pulls it straight back out?

You still risk pregnancy unless he wears a condom since pre ejaculate also contain sperm.

What if he hit it from the back without a condom?

If you mean vaginal sex with rear entry the risk is the same either way no condom puts you at risk of pregnancy. If you mean that he did not use a condom while using your anus as entry point then you are not at risk of getting pregnant.

What happens if a man's condom comes off during sex?

You put it back on...but if it breaks..then you'll get pregnant..sucks to be you BITCHES!!!!:D

Can you get pregnant using a condom even if it does not break?

There is always a chance... I would use birth control as a back up just in case....

If the condom slips off and it doesn't rip then you put it back on is it a high chance of her getting pregnant?

First of all she will not get pregnant because it just sliped but if the white stuff fell on her thing then its a good possibility to get pregnant.

If you Took 2 packs of pill back to back missed pills in both packs no period on 7 day break pregnancy test negative could you be pregnant?

It is REALLY SIMPLE:If you have sex you CAN become pregnant, pill or no pill, condom or no condom, whatever.There ALWAYS is a possibility (sometimes very small but still greater than zero) of becoming pregnant when sperm is introduced to an ovulating female. Period.

Can a person get pregnant if there was penetration with the penis to the vagina for a few seconds after a spermicide condom was taken off but then put another spermicide condom back on to finish?

Yes, it is possible to get pregnant this way, but it is unlikely. If you worry about it too much it might make your period late, so just take it easy.

What if the guys takes off the condom then puts it back on inside out and theres now semen on the outside can you get pregnant?

Yes. You are highly likely to become pregnant from this. You should always use a new condom each time. I would recommend taking emergency contraception as soon as possible to help prevent pregnancy.

Can you get pregnant from have penetrated the vagina and then pull right back out?

YES!! wear a condom! even if it means running to the store! you can also get aids, or herpes, or chlamidyia, or ANY S.T.D. from "just pulling right back out"!

How do you know you got your period?

You will see stains in your underwear and its red and you got cramps and you see it at the back of your underwear

Before sex should you pull you foreskin back?

If you are using a condom, you should pull your foreskin back and apply some lubricant to the head of the penis before putting the condom on. If you are not using a condom, it is not necessary to pull the foreskin back. The foreskin will slide back and forth over the head of the penis as you thrust in and out of the woman's vagina.

Where can girls panties with logo's on them be found?

The logo on girl's underwear can usually be found on a tag inside the underwear, either on the back or side. Some underwear brands may print the logo directly on the fabric of the underwear.

If you stopped taking the pill about 2 months ago and have had no period only very light spotting for 1 day and lower back pain could you be pregnant?

If you are not on the pill and are having sex even in some cases with a condom you can become pregnant. The only for sure way to not become pregnant is to abstain completely.

Why don't you wear underwear under kilt?

They didn't have underwear back when kilts were invented, so now it's tradition.

What soccer player wears number 3?

Normally the left back or full back wears number 3. He is normally left footed.

Do you have to pull back the foreskin when you put on a condom?

yes it is the best way, when you have intact genitals you will note that the foreskin will stil want to move back and forth inside the condom though, and that is a good thing.

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