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Absolutely idiot. anytime you have sex you can get knocked up!!

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Q: Can you get pregnant in chlorine water?
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What is chlorine Analyzer?

A Chlorine Analyzer analyzes free chlorine or total chlorine in water to monitor chlorine dosage. It is frequently used in water and waste water plants to control chlorine dosage.

What is a chlorine water filter used for?

Chlorine water filters are used to remove chlorine from a source of water. It can be used to remove the taste of chlorine from water and is often used in pools.

How does chlorine react with water?

Chlorine atoms do not combine with the water molecules, which, therefore, means that Chlorine doesn't react with water. That is why Chlorine is used in swimming pools.

Is chlorine soluble in water?

Yes, chlorine is soluble in water.

Why water with chlorine is not used in industry?

Water with Chlorine is used in induustry.

What is the affect of chlorine on water purity?

the chlorine increases the water purity .

How does chlorine explode when mixed with water?

Chlorine doesn't explode when mixed with water. Pool water has chlorine in it. I think you meant sodium mixed with water, which does explode.

If tap water is not good for goldfish what kind of water do you suggest Bottled water Distilled water?

You need to buy a chlorine-free bottle, to get rid of the chlorine from the water. Since no fish can live inside chlorine. And chlorine is mixed with tap water.

Why is Pool water foggy after adding chlorine?

The chlorine is reacting to minerals in the water.

What are the deliquescents of chlorine?

Chlorine is not deliquescent, but is dissolved in water.

How does water clean things?

The tap water has chlorine in it, so if chlorine cleans water it can clean things as well as water.

How do you get chlorine free water?

Many people install salt water systems under the impression that it is chlorine free. Salt water systems produce chlorine electronically and therefore does not require adding chlorine to the water physically. So salt water is not chlorine free water. There are alternative pool sanitation systems that use an advanced oxidation process, combined with copper ionization to sanitize the water. These oxygen based systems do not produce any chlorine. These systems produce 100% chlorine free water.

Chlorine is often used in water purification to do what?

Chlorine is added to water to kill pathogens.

Why are chemicals added to the water?

To drinking water chlorine or chlorine compounds are added for disinfection.

Does salt water evaporate faster than chlorine water?

No, salt water does not evaporate faster than chlorine water. Salt water contains chlorine. Therefore, they both evaporate at about the same rate.

Is chlorine damaging to hair?

Yes, chlorine is damaging to hair I know , because if you get in water with chlorine strands of your hair will be left in the water.

What products are formed when chlorine water is exposed to sunlight?

chlorine water + sunlight gives chlorine and oxygen in normal STP conditions .

Which type of water contains the lowest amount of chlorine?

The type of water that contains the lowest amount of chlorine is spring bottled water. Normally it contains no or little chlorine.

Is it better to have a salt water pool than a chlorine pool?

A salt water pool is a chlorine pool. the difference is that in a salt water pool the chlorine is added automatically by a chlorinated that works electronically and with a chlorine pool you have to put the chlorine in your self. Salt water pool are by far the more pleasant to swim in. Chlorine because it will kill germs

What is total residual chlorine?

Total Residual Chlorine (TRC) is the total of free available residual chlorine and combined (bound) residual chlorine. The amount of measurable chlorine remaining after treating water with chlorine i.e. amount of chlorine left in water after the chlorine demand has been satisfied

How effective is chlorine in preventing water borne diseases?

Chlorine is almost 100 % effective in preventing the water borne diseases. Chlorine does not kill the ova and cysts of amoeba and worms. So you need filter the water. You can make water filter by using sand and gravel and water tank. Then you can easily make the water germ free by using chlorine. Alternately you can use the chlorine drops to to purify water in your house. This way the water borne diseases can be prevented by chlorine.

Does chlorine dissolve in water?

chlorine is in pools, i don't think that you see the chlorine. it just looks like water, so im guessing that it does.

Effect of chlorine water on diamonds?

The only effect of chlorine water on diamonds would be to clean them.

How does chlorine help purify water?

chlorine kills off all bacteria within the water

What are some chlorine substances?

chlorine bleach, tap water, salt, swimming pool water.