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Can you get pregnant in six weeks after a dnc?

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You must be really worried. This question is on here like 4 times. I know that you are probably stressed out beyoned all else. If you think that you are pregnant, make a doctor appointment and have them do a blood test to see. Good luck and God Bless:)

2006-08-17 01:13:05
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Q: Can you get pregnant in six weeks after a dnc?
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Is it possible you can get pregnant six weeks after DNC?

If you think you are pregnant go to the doctor to have a blood pregnancy test done.

How soon after a dnc should your menstrual cycle return?

six weeks

How long should you wait to get pregnant after a dnc?

I think its like...4-6 weeks after or after you get your period again.

How do you tell your boyfriend that you are 6 weeks pregnant?

You say to your boyfriend, "Honey, I am six weeks pregnant."

If your scan showed you were 6 weeks pregnant when did you conceive?

The statement that you are six weeks pregnant means that you have been pregnant for six weeks, hence, you conceived six weeks ago. Bear in mind that these are estimates, they are not necessarily accurate down to the exact day. But they are reasonably good estimates.

How big is your uterus at six weeks pregnant?

At six weeks your uterus is approximately the size of a plum!

If you are 24 weeks pregnant are you six months?

26 weeks would be six months. There are 52 weeks in the year and half of that is the equivalent of six months.

Can having a dnc affect you getting pregnant?


Do you need a dnc after you miscarry at 5 weeks?

Hi, so sorry to hear a/b your loss. I miscarried at 7 weeks. I had a dnc done today. As far as I know, you don't have to have a dnc done. I have it done because my blood count is very high (shows 7 wks pregnant) but the sonogram I had yesterday didn't see or hear my baby. My Doctor suspects an infection, she asked me to have the dnc done this morning. God bless you. I am in such pain myself. Be strong.

Can a girl get pregnant the day after she had a DNC surgery and got the depo shot?

No and she is also not allowed to have sex until 3 weeks after so she has healed inside.

When can you get pregnant after D and C?

You can get pregnant as soon as two to four weeks after a D&C if you weren't pregnant. If you had a D&C to terminate a pregnancy, you can get pregnant in four to six weeks.

Is sex okay while six weeks pregnant?


When does dogs have there puppies?

about six weeks after they got pregnant i believe

If I am six weeks pregnant right now when will my due date be?

Forty weeks from the first day of your last period. So if you're six weeks, then you are due in 34.

How many months are you when your twenty six weeks?

We average four weeks to make a month. That would make you six and half months pregnant.

How long before you can get pregnant after removing the norplant?

You can get pregnant four to six weeks after stopping the contraceptive implant.

Abnormal periods after dnc?

IT is normal. Your periods can resume anywhere from 2-6 weeks after a DNC, but you should not wear a tampon until that time.

You had DNC in the last month What about the next steps?

2 weeks after you see the doctor to make sure it worked. Your period should be back within 8 weeks. You can get on birth control the same day you have the DNC.

What are the chances you can get pregnant after a colposcopy?

I had a colposcopy in July, its now December 1, 2009 and I'm six weeks pregnant.

What is the changes of being pregnant if you use the pullout method and your period is six weeks late?

The chances are that you're pregnant!

Why am i bleeding at six weeks pregnant?

Coma by robin cook.. Try this book

Is it normal if your ovaries hurt when you are six weeks pregnant?

Yes it's normal

How can you know that the baby heart is beating when you six weeks pregnant?

You have to take a ultrasound.

Do sea monkeys get pregnant quickly?

Yes. I have had mine for only six weeks and all but one of the females are pregnant. Thanks!

I had unproteted sex six weeks after my first depo provera shot could i get pregnant?