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Absolutely. If the penis enters the vagina even for a second, you can become pregnant. Even if he does not ejaculate, there is pre-come.


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No. You can only get pregnant if the penis is inside you with no condom.

You could get sick if he has a STD but pregnant you can only get if he inserts his penis in your vagina.

No you can not get pregnant only if the guy inserts his penis in your virginia

ANSWER :You can get pregnant even if the penis doesn't enter. All that needs to enter is the sperm.

You can only get pregnant if the sperm from his penis reaches the inside of your vagina. Sperm left on his penis can't make you pregnant unless he enters your vagina.

No, she can only get pregnant through vaginal intercourse not oral.

Anytime the penis is inserted into a vagina and sexual intercourse is done there is a risk of getting her pregnant even after the first time.

No. You can't get pregnant from the mouth. A girl can only get pregnant if the boys sperm from his penis goes inside the girls vagina when they have sex

No,a girl can only get pregnant if the boys penis is inserted into her vagina and the sperm goes through it:)

Nope, only boys can get girls pregnant

Lol no you can only get pregnant when a man puts his penis into a vagina and ejaculates into it.

no. of course not only if you had sex, meaning his penis was inside of you

Now here's the answer you can easily stick a banana up ur vagina. But it will certainly NOT get you pregnant. Sorry to break it to you but only SPERM FROM A PENIS will get you pregnant

If you are pregnant, that will be news. Can she be pregnant? Possible. There are still going to be sperm in the penis. It only take 1 to do the job. Is it likely? No, Possible? Yes.

No you can't get pregnant if it only touched the vagina with dry penis in order to be pregnant is getting the mans fluid in the vagina.

Only if the carrot is a human male penis.

No. The only way you can get pregnant is when a penis enters a woman's vagina. The penis will ejaculate, the sperm cell will travel(swim) to the woman's ovarian tubes and that creates a baby

no, you can't get pregnant. I have been humping for years. you can only get pregnant by a males penis sliding in and out of a woman's vagina.

The only way you can get pregnant is if the sperm can get into your vagina. If you have clothes between him and you in that area, then you cannot get pregnant.

There is always a possibility of you getting pregnant if he pre-cums in you. Condom first no matter what.

No. You can kiss, lick or suck the penis without becoming pregnant. The only way to become pregnant is for the sperm to make its way into your vaginaQ)m not talking abt me. i want to ask. u all if we kissed his penis or lick or took in mouth what if his sperm or sth comes out? u sure kissing his penis cause no pregnant?? lol can anybody ans??

Only if there was pre-ejaculatory or ejaculatory fluids on his penis.

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