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When engaging in sex there is always the risk of getting pregnant ...

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Q: Can you get pregnant the day after your menstruation goes off even if your not ovulating at that time?
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If you are ovulating and sperm goes up you is there a big chance you could get pregnant?


Does menstruation start after conceive?

Conceive refers to an egg being fertilized, which then goes on to implant which means that a woman is pregnant. If a woman is pregnant then she will not menstruate, menstruation only occurs if conception doesn't occur.

Is it normal to feel like you have a fever at 5 weeks pregnant?

yes it is very normal. when you are ovulating or pregnant, your basal temperature goes up. you're fine (:

Pain in the breasts?

Could be either you are ovulating, are pregnant or have some kind of infection. If it is too unbearable and goes on for days, see the doctor.

Does sperm run out of you after he goes inside of you?

It can... and even if it feels like it "all" came out ... you still can get pregnant.

When does menstruation usually end?

Yes. When a woman goes through menopause, her menstruation will end. The average age for menopause is in the early 50's.

What happens if sperm goes in you when your pregnant?

Nothing, you can have sex when pregnant.

Can tampons get you pregnant?

No, obviously tampons cannot get you pregnant - this is impossible.To get pregnant sperm has to fertilize an egg, that egg then has to implant itself into the uterus. Typically sex is the only way to get pregnant: a mans penis goes into the vagina, he ejaculates to introduce sperm into the vagina and if a woman is ovulating at the time sperm will fertilize the egg. A tampon is not a penis and inserting a tampon is not sex, nor is there sperm in tampons.

Can you get pregnant if sperms goes in to your mouth?


Is it true if your period goes off early you could be pregnant?

Is it true if your period goes off early you could be pregnant?

Is Aston merrygold girlfriend pregnant?

No she is not he goes out with noreen out of big brother and she is not pregnant

How do you know if your nintendog is pregnant?

Your Nintendog cant become pregnant!

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