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=No you cannot become pregnant from this.=

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โˆ™ 2007-11-04 21:36:36
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Q: Can you get pregnant when the penis touches the vagina but there is no ejaculation or pre-ejaculation?
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If a boy touches your vagina could you be pregnant?

No you can not be pregnant.

Can a girl get pregnant if she touches pre-ejaculation fluid and then like 10-15 minutes later touches the outside of her vagina and then puts her finger inside of her vagina but not too far?

Yup. @edit If this is the true story then no. Most pre-ejaculation fluid has no sperm in it. And even them sperm dies at a very fast rate in the open air.

Your girl got pre-ejaculation in her vagina she is on the shot will she get pregnant?


Can you get pregnant it seamen touches the out side of the vagina?

it is possible

Can you get pregnant if the guy has sperm on his finger and he touches you right outside your vagina?

probably not, you need the force of the ejaculation to get the sperm up the tubes within 5 min--but be more careful

Can a girl get pregnant when the penis touches the outer part of the vagina?

Yes. As long as sperm is in/near the vagina she can get pregnant.

If pregnant-cum touches the lips of her vagina can she get pregnant?

dont be stupid. corse not

Can you get pregnant if a guy has pre-ejaculation on his fingers and then fingers you or 'massages' your vagina?


Can ejaculation fluid on outside of the vagina get you pregnant?

no one knows they are still researching it

Can a girl get pregnant if the guy only touches her vagina with his hand?


Where penetrate the penis for pregnant?

To have a pregnancy, the penis enters the vagina. There must also be an ejaculation.

Can you be pregnant if the semen touches your vagina?

It is possible but the chances are almost negligable.

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Can you get pregnant if his penis touches you?

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