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There has to be sperm involved somehow. That means having sexual contact with a male or having medical assistance.

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Q: Can you get pregnant with a lesbian without artificial insemination?
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How do you get a pig pregnant without a boar?

Artificial Insemination.

Can female dogs get pregnant without breeding?

You would have to do artificial insemination.

Can a virgin get pregnant without sex?

A woman could get pregnant by artificial insemination and still be a virgin.

How do you get your hamster pregnant without a boy?

It isn't possible, unless a veterinarian does artificial insemination.

Can you have a baby without sexing?

Artificial insemination will make a woman pregnant. There are many ways to do that.

Can you get pregnant without your tubes?

You could possibly get pregnant with artificial insemination, where the egg and sperm have already been matched up

Can a man have babies without artificial insemination?

No. A man can't have a baby even with artificial insemination.

7 - What does AI stand for?

Artificial's an unnatural way for mammals to become pregnant without sexual intercourse

Can you get pregnant without anything going in your vagina?

Whilst not normally so, it is possible through Artificial Insemination. This is something that is done medically.

How many kids can you have at once without artificial insemination?

It depends on how many eggs are fertilized. There are known cases of women having 6-8 babies without artificial insemination.

Can you make baby without making love?

The only other option is artificial insemination.The only other option is artificial insemination.The only other option is artificial insemination.The only other option is artificial insemination.

It is possible for a guinea pig baby to be a different breed to its parents?

No, not without artificial insemination...

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