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Can you get rabies from a scratch?

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Yes, rabies is transmitted through saliva. If the animal licked

it's claws then there's a possibility that you might get rabies.

Do not wait for symptoms.

See a doctor immediately the same day you got scratched.

2008-06-25 21:56:53
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Is the Siamese cat's scratch have rabies?

Rabies is transmitted by an animal's saliva, not by a scratch. Any mammal CAN carry rabies, but it is fairly rare.

How does a human get rabies?

humans get rabies from an animal bite or scratch.

Can scratch from monkey cause rabies?

Yeah, if the monkey has rabies.

Can a dog scratch cause rabies?

Rabies can be transmitted by a dog scratch. If a dog has rabies he would be more likely to bite you than to scratch you. If you have contact with a dog who you suspect may have rabies contact your physician as soon as possible for an appointment to visit their office.

Can a cat scratch cause rabies?

You can get sick from the bacteria transferred in a cat scratch. You would go to the doctor for antibiotics. Rabies would not

Do you get rabies if a dog scratches you?

Rabies can be transmitted through a wound, scratch or abrasion when it comes in contact with the saliva of a rabid animal, and through a scratch inflicted by an animal if fresh saliva is on the nail of the animal that inflicts the scratch. Further, rabies can be airborne in bat caves.

Do you get rabies from a scratch?

that doesn't have shots taken by a vet

Can you get rabies from a light scratch?

Yes, and it doesn't have to be a scratch. You can also get it from touching an animal with rabies blood or saliva (spit) and putting your hand in your mouth or touching a wound on your body.

Does a cat scratch have a sure rabies in it?

You can get rabies from a scratch from a rabid animal. Cats, dogs and ferrets in particular lick their paws and could get saliva on their claws. When the skin is broken as in a scratch, it is possible to transmit rabies. You should always call your doctor if you are bit or scratched by a wild or stray animal.

Can you be infected with rabies by a scratch?

Usually no, because rabies is transmitted through blood or saliva. However, if you are scratched by an animal with rabies, it is best to get it checked out.

If a raccoon that has rabies scratches you do you get rabies?

NO you cannot get rabies from a scratch even if the animal has rabies. That was a good question. Rabies is transmitted through saliva. This means the animal must bite you in order to transmit the disease. YES!!! you can get rabies from a scratch. If the animal is licking its paws the saliva is transmitted to the claws as well. It may be a little more difficult however it is still just as dangerous.

Can a dog get rabies from a squirrel scratch?

If the squirrel is rabid, yes.

Does a scratch by a dog's teeth cause rabies?

no ,it cant occor

Can a scratch of the paws of the monkey cause rabies?

if any of their body fluid god into your wound it could, but only if that monkey had rabies

Can you get rabies from a wild kitten?

Only if the kitten actually has rabies and you receive a bite or a scratch from it. Any animal or human with rabies is capable of transferring it to another living being.

Do it gets a risk of rabies of a cat scratch?

It is unlikely. Rabies is caught by the transfer of bodily fluids, and if an infected cat bites you, you may get rabies from his saliva. In order to catch rabies from a cat scratch, the cat must have bodily fluids on his claws, which is unlikely unless his feet are bleeding for some reason. If a cat gets into a fight with a rabid cat, and then scratches you when you try to separate them, it is possible that the rabid cat's blood can get into the scratch.

Can you get rabies from a bad scratch from a cat?

Rabies is found only in the saliva of the infected. So, no, you can't get rabies by being scratched by a cat. Unless, of course, it drools on the wound after it scratches you.

How do you heal hamsters rabies?

Hamsters don't get rabies. Actually hamsters are mammals and therefore it is possible for them to have rabies, however it is not likely. you can not heal rabies, take the hamster to the vet and do not allow it to scratch or bite you, if it has talk to a doctor immediatly.

Can you get rabies from rat if you get scratch only by rat?

The answer is no. If you are worried about a little scratch from a rat you shouldn't be. As long as you clean it out well and keep it unexposed you should be fine. The only way rabies can be transmitted is if the animal has rabies(this does not include pets)and it bites you and it draws blood. Do not worry and if it makes you feel better,see a doctor.

How did pioneers treat rabies?

they take their fingernail and scratch the tip of their nose if they wanna live

I have a 3 mo old puppy with no shots of anti- rabies.Yesterday he accidentally scratch my leg with his teeth and there is a very small amount of blood on the scratch area. am i infected with rabies?

Only if the puppy is diagnosed with rabies. Might be an idea to get it checked out.

How long does rabies vaccine last in humans?

FOR LIFE LONG ........... IF THEY ARE FULL COURSE OF FIVE..AND IF THE INJURY IS NOT SEVERE ie...a scratch or a scratch of teeth and its a Home Dog..

Can a stray cat's scratch cause rabies?

Only if the cat had just licked it's paw. Rabies is transmitted through the saliva. I'm pretty sure the skin has to be broken, though. But be careful!! You could get cat scratch disease from it. Oh and keep in mind that the cat must have rabies to transfer it. It will be foaming from the mouth and be acting very hostile towards you.

Do people with rabies bite?

Sometimes, yes - individuals in the terminal phase of a rabies infection can become extremely aggressive and attempt to bite, scratch and otherwise harm those around them.

Do you need to have anti rabies vaccine if you are scratched by a dog?

No, rabies is spread in the saliva of infected animals, so a simple scratch with a nail would not expose you to rabies. Also, if the dog is not infected with rabies, you would not need to go through the vaccine series. However, if you were scratched by a tooth and the dog was found to be infected with rabies, you would need post-exposure rabies vaccination to protect yourself.