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It is possible, particularly since the blood from the animal's mouth would be mixed with saliva. The rabies virus is transmitted through the infected animal's saliva, so a wound on another portion of the body (such as the flank or belly) wouldn't be a concern.

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How do animals contract rabies?

any contact of body fluids like blood or spit can transfer rabies.

Can you get rabies from blood coming from a skunk on any part of its body?

you can contract rabies from blood, tears, and saliva of any infected animal.

What animals can be vaccinated for rabies?

Rabies can be carried by any warm blood animal including racoons, cats, dogs, bats and 'possums.

How do animals and animals get rabies?

All animals can get rabies, even us humans. But the animals that carry rabbies differ. Cats are 1 animal that have rabies. Many people think bats carry rabies, but that is not a fact. In fact, when they are in the wild and looking for food, sometimes if they swoop down too low, an animal carrying rabies can attack them or something like that and the bats will get rabies. Sometimes bats, such as vampire bats, will swoop down to suck blood and they will feed on an animal that has rabies, giving them rabies. But all animals can get rabies. So get your pet vacinated for you and your pets own good.

How do wild animals contract rabies?

Through blood transmission - usually bites, or scratches.

Contact with blood risks?

The risks when coming into contact with blood are becoming infected with hepatitis C or HIV. Hepatitis B is also another risk when coming into contact with this fluid.

Can you get rabies from raccoon blood?

This would be unlikely - the rabies virus is found in the nerves and the saliva of an infected raccoon. However, to be safe, you should talk to your local board of health about any contact you had with raccoon blood and follow their recommendations.

Is a inflammation of the liver caused by a viral infection and contracted by coming in contact with an infected person's blood or body fluids?

Hepatitis B, C, and D are spread by coming into contact with an infected person's blood. Hepatitis A and E are spread by coming into contact with an infected person's stool.

Is there chance of rabies if blood is not in wound in a dog bite?

If a dog bit you and didn't puncture the skin, no, no rabies. If you mean there is no dog blood in the wound but still your blood, yes, chance of rabies.

Is there any kind of gloves that keeps rabies from getting into you and do rabies get off animals when they die?

Rabies is not transmitted by touch, it is transmitted by bite; the virus has to get into your blood to infect you. However, it is still a good idea not to handle dead animals with your hands; sometimes they have parasites (fleas, ticks, mites) which are looking for a new home.

Can ferrets get rabies eating hot sauce?

No. Rabies is a virus passed through the blood of infected animals.AnswerRabies is a viral disease transmitted from one animal to another. Hot sauce may make your poor Ferret behave like he has Rabies but not actually give it to him.Please don't do this

Is getting bite by a rabied animal the only way to get rabies?

The animal's saliva will need to come into contact with your blood. This usually happens with biting. However, I believe you can also get rabies if scratched by an infected animal.

Which bloods can the 4 blood types take?

defiantly not rabies because I HAS RABIES

How does rabies originate?

Rabies is a parasite) organism,"bug" that infiltrates the blood stream from an animal bite from an infected animal or even contact with saliva from an infected animal. Rabies attacks brain tissue and destroys the "synapse" between nerves in the brain. Untreated it is usually always fatal.

Can you catch rabies from other people?

Yes, though it is very rare. You must come in direct contact with the blood or saliva of an infect person.

Why is rabies called a neurotropic disease?

Rabies is called a neurotropic disease as it is capable of entering and infecting the nervous system. Rabies is transferred by saliva and/or blood in warm blooded animals. Symtoms of rabies are neurological (hence neurotropic), that is, they affect brain cognition causing irrational behaviour as well as encephalitis (acute swelling of the brain).

Can you get rabies from touching an animal that has been in contact with an animal that has rabies?

While it is far from common, and certainly not guaranteed, youcan get rabies from touching an animal that has been in contact with a rabid animal. What has to happen is that the blood or saliva of the rabid animal is on the fur or skin of the animal you touch. Then that blood or saliva has to get into your body through a break in your skin such as a cut, sore, or abrasion or by being transferred to a body opening like the eye, mouth or nose, where mucous membranes can permit entry of the virus.

Can mosquitos transmit rabies?

In my opinion i think it can transmit since mosquitos bite warm blooded animals and some warm blooded animals are rabid....so if he bite a rabid animal then theres a chance the mosquito of being rabid because rabid animals has their blood also rabid ....but i think its only a minimal chance because they dont actually target animals they like human flesh or blood

Can you be infected with rabies by a scratch?

Usually no, because rabies is transmitted through blood or saliva. However, if you are scratched by an animal with rabies, it is best to get it checked out.

What can you use to clean a cage after an animal has been in it with rabies?

rabies is only spread by blood or saliva so your cage is fine

How do animals get cat scratch disease?

Cat scratch fever is a blood-based infection with Bartonella. It is transmitted through contact between the cat's blood and the animal's blood.

Do you have to chop a dogs head off to test for rabies?

no u dont !!!! u have to give them draw blood and see if they have rabies so u dont have to bite the dogs head off and please do not try it because i dont want all the mess coming to the er lol!!!!

How can Ebola be contracted?

By coming in contact with any person who has it and their body fluids: blood, sexual fluids and even sweat.

Can a dog get rabies from scratches by a rabies infected animal?

no. only from infected saliva or blood. Gotcookies says: it is possible, if the infected animal has touched your dog when blood came out, or if the animal bit him

Difference between blood coming from the lungs and blood coming from the body?

Blood coming from the body is deoxygenated, whereas blood coming from the lungs has recently been oxygenated.

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