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There are two surgical procedures available: Advancement of the hairline is the less invasive and cheaper, and reduction of the frontal bone, a surgery sometimes integrated into FFS (Facial Feminization Surgery) which is quite expensive.

Short of surgery, there are not many things you can do (without turning to surgery) . you could try a different hair style such as having bangs. The next time you get your hair cut ask your hair dresser to cut your hair so that it frames your face. A lot of people do not notice a high forehead unless they really study you.

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Q: Can you get rid of a really high forehead for a teenage girl?
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What would be the best haircut to get Im a teenage girl with a oval face high forehead and thin hair?

i believe all teenage girls look good with tons of really short, choppy layers and a side fringe

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You are a teenage girl with a round face high forehead and very thin hair what hairstyle would look best?

You would probably look good with (long) side swept bangs - they'll 'balance out' your forehead highness. Just make sure they hit the top of your eyebrows so they can hide your fore head (if your self- conscious). It worked for me so it should work for you. Layers are really good for flattering round faces, but don't get it cut with a razor, because you'll just get split ends. Keep your hair long or at least below the jawline.

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