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If you're trying to lose fat off your stomach, doing ab exercises will not do the slightest thing about that. You cannot lose fat locally, only from your entire body simultaneously. The relatively small size of your abs compared to the big, hungry muscles like your legs, glutes, chest and back muscles, means that they can only do a tiny bit for your metabolism. The only thing you'll get is strong abs hidden by the exact same amount of fat you had when you started. Which is something. Do not believe the myth of AbTronics, Body By Jake or any other crappy daytime TV products. They are ALL opportunistic liars, using models who were buff anyway.

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Q: Can you get rid of stomach fat by doing ab work-outs?
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What is the best way to get rid of loose stomach fat?

The best way to get rid of loose stomach fat is by doing a lot of exercising and walking even doing crunches will help to tone the stomach muscles up right.

How fast can you get rid of stomach fat?

By doing yoga like cycling surya namaskar

What exercises can get rid of wrinkled stomach skin?

Exercise gets rid of stomach fat. But unfortunately, no exercises get rid of stomach wrinkles or excess skin.

How do you get rid of love handles if you are doing your ab workouts religiously?

try doing side to side crunches

Will jogging help get rid of stomach fat?


How do you get rid of extra stomach fat that you've always had?

Do excersise.

Which cardiovascular exercise is best for getting rid of stomach fat?


How do you get rid of excess stomach fat in 2 weeks?

You go to the gym!

How do you get abs when your already in shape and also run a lot. I weigh 138 and everyone says im all muscle but how can i achieve a great stomach. i eat sort of healthy but how can i get abs?

If you're already all muscle, all you can really do is do more ab workouts. All kinds of ab workouts. If you already do a lot of ab workouts, maybe you just have stubborn fat pockets on your stomach. That's a very common place for anyone to have fat. It's also some of the hardest to get rid of. You just need to lower the carb intake in your diet if this is the case, and keep the ab workouts going.

What are some effective ways for women to get rid of belly fat?

In your quest to get rid of belly fat, cardio workouts are more effective than sit-ups. Most woman find that they have excess belly fat and want to get rid of it to return However, pool exercises can be some of the most effective in burning fat in

How do you get rid of belly fat in one month?

You can get rid of belly fat by exercising and dieting. When exercising be sure to do lots of stomach exercises such as crunches.

How do you get rid of fat on your stomach in a month?

run every day, and eat healthy food.

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