Can you get short term disability insurance if you are pregnant and have coverage through your fiance's company and did not elect short term disability at open enrollment with your employer?

Its sort of like wanting to buy Life Insurance after you die isn't it? I am sure you can get SDI but not to pay you when you take maternity leave. There are three parts to this question and answer:

1 - You can obtain short term disability coverage if you are already pregnant. It will cover you for accidents and illnesses only. Your future pregnancies will be covered if you continue the policy.

2 - Open enrollments are attached to programs you select on a pre-tax basis - per IRS Section 125 rules. You can pay for short term disability on a post tax basis, and enroll at any time. When you pay the premium using post tax dollars, your benefit is tax free.

3 - You should get short term disability at your place of employment. If your employer does not offer the option, its easy to ask for the benefit since you are paying the premium, not your employer. You do not qualify for benefits at your fiance's employer until you are married.