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You cannot get sick from eating maggots. If you eat spoiled and rotten food with maggots in them, that can make you sick. Maggots are extra protein.

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Q: Can you get sick from eating maggots?
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Can a dog become sick from eating food with maggots?

Of course, maggots are usually larvae of flies, call the vet NOW

Will you get sick from eating baby flies?

Eating a clean maggot in theory should not make you sick, however maggots are often found in decomposing animal carcasses and traced of this could make you sick.

Is eating maggots dangerous?

Eating maggots is disgusting, but probably not harmful... Were you planning on trying one?

Why do flies like poop?

Flies lay their eggs in it. When the maggots are boring they have a Hearty eating place. Very sick but also very true.

Can maggots kill a rabbit?

yes, i had a rabbit and he dies from the maggots eating his tissue

What happens if your dog eats maggots?

If your dog eats maggots it could get possible sick or it could be fatal

Do maggots turn into moths?

Maggots, in fact, actually turn in flies. Maggots are the pupal form of the common and other types of flies. They are adept at eating decaying material.

What are the release dates for Monsters Inside Me - 2009 Maggots Are Eating Me 4-7?

Monsters Inside Me - 2009 Maggots Are Eating Me 4-7 was released on: USA: December 2013

Can dogs get sick from eating mold?

dog can get sick from eating mold

Can you get sick from eating too many eggs?

You can get sick from eating raw eggs.

What will happen if you eat flies passing the stage of magots?

Eating maggots is harmless so long as they are clean maggots. this is achieved by placing the maggots in a tub of bran which they eat cleaning there internal organs. In some countries an cultures maggots are considered a delicacy.

Can a cat get sick by eating nuts?

As long as cats are not eating macadamia nuts, cats can not get sick by eating nuts.

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