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As a matter of fact you can.

Our bodies were made to move around (not only by exercising) but generally moving around involves muscle and joint movements and promotes better blood circulation through the process.

Example, sitting in an aeroplane gives you deep bone thrombosis even pins and needles is a sign that we must get up from our cushy behinds and move that body. It will not only keep you fit but the increased pressure causes your heart to beat faster during movements, around the house and using the stairs all add up to the process and generally, if you are an active person, you don't really need to go to the gym to keep fit, just half hour a day is sufficient to an healthy lifestyle and to add to that, just eat in moderation and try to eat healthy, which is not possible in most cases but try and drinking plenty of water, about 1 - 1.5 litres per day would be sufficient and will also help you being lethargic as well.

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How sick can you get from eating cooked eggs sitting out?

super sick trust me you'll get sick if they have been sitting out for a minimum of 10-50 minutes.

Does sitting in a hot tub when you are sick compromise your immune system?

No because your are bathing in sick.

What happens if you eat raw meat that has been sitting out for two days?

you get sick, not fever but sick

Why does sitting on brown paper make you not travel-sick?

It has no effect. That is nothing more than a myth.

How ca you tell when birds are sick?

you can tell when a bird is sick when they arent flying away from you or that it is just sitting in its nest.

Is a person sitting directly next to someone more at risk of getting sick when someone sneezes than someone sitting far away?

Yes - The closer you are to the origin of the virus the more likely you are to get sick.

How birds sitting on the wire?

you have to be incontact with the ground to get electrocuted!

What is the potential energy of a 0.480 kg bird sitting 22.8 m above the ground?

The potential energy of a 0.480kg bird sitting 22.8m above the ground is 107.25 joules.

What is the potential energy of 0.5 kg ball sitting on A table 1 m above the ground?

The potential energy of a 0.480kg bird sitting 22.8m above the ground is 107.25 joules

What is the correct sentence The bird is sitting on the tree or the bird is sitting under the tree?

the bird is sitting on the tree

Can you get sick from old ground beef?

You can get sick from spoiled ground beef. Old beef is preferred to just butchered. This understanding is lost on some people. Ground beef that has sat in the refrigerator for days may not be good to eat.

Why do birds sitting on a power line not get electrocuted?

Because they are not touching the ground.

Will you get sick from eating cooked hamburger meat after sitting out all night at room temperature?

You could get sick if any pathogens have grown on the meat. There's no guarantee that you would or would not get sick, but it is not worth the risk.

Can eating brownies after sitting in a heated car be dangerous?

yes, you will fill sick the whole time

Why is cool sitting down at the beach?

Because he got sick of standing up near concessions.

Is it legal to carry a switchblade in Arizona?

as long as you are on the ground dead with it sitting on your chest

How to make your cheer jumps better?

Do the same jump in a way sitting on the ground.

What happens if you eat a fried egg that has been sitting out for 2 days?

You could get sick, eating a fried egg that has been sitting out for 2 days; when it is not refrigerated, bacteria can grow.

Why is your cold water fish sitting at the bottom of the tank?

because they need cold places or maybe they are sick

How get sick fast?

well, one time i told my friend to lick the ground in a street since she wanted to get sick, too. It turns out she got really sick! it worked! was i helpful?:>

Will you get sick from eating cooked chicken after sitting out all night if heated up to temperature?

Yes. You could get sick from eating it. Some bacteria produce toxins that are not destroyed by heating.

Do onions make a dog sick?

I think it all depends on the quality of the onion. I understand that if you cut your onion and leave it sitting out it can attract a lot of bacteria. It can make humans sick so it could make a dog sick too.

Can a helicopter survive a main rotor failure?

If its sitting on the ground it is no big deal at all.

How do you get a cold?

you can only get a cold from viruses. you can get sick by sitting next someone who is ill or drink someone Else's drink

Can dogs have rice?

I've given my dogs rice and ground meat if they were sick my step mother was a vet tech and did it will all the dogs when they were sick