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Can you get tattoo while pregnant?


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two schools of thought......
1. When you are pregnant your immune system is running wild....

2. After your 5th month your baby feels what you feel.......Bad time..

Many tattooists will not tattoo you if your pregnant at all.

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It isn't safe to get a tattoo while pregnant due to risk of infection. It is illegal in the US for a professional tattoo artist to tattoo a pregnant woman due to these risks.

As far as I know, an artist will NOT tattoo you while you're pregnant OR nursing.

It would be a bad idea to get any tattoo while pregnant due to the risk of infection. Most tattoo artists will refuse to tattoo a pregnant woman for this very reason.

Tattoo artists can work while pregnant. It may become more difficult as she gets closer to term, but there is nothing about the job, if done properly, that would reasonable prohibit a tattoo artist from working.

Most tattooists will refuse to tattoo anybody who is pregnant, mainly as a precaution in the rare event you contract a blood born infection and especially if it's a large tattoo it may weaken your immune system for a while.

No due to risks of infection. Most tattoo artists and piercers won't do it while you are pregnant.

No! When you get a tattoo, it weakens your immune system. When you're pregnant, you share your immune system with your baby. Not only that but every time you go and get a tattoo, you're giving yourself ink poisoning. It's okay while not pregnant but once you're pregnant you do not want to jeopardize your baby's health!

No reputable tattoo artist will give you a tattoo while pregnant. It could do serious harm to the unborn baby. It is recommended that you shouldn't even dye your hair while pregnant. There is no need to get tattoos while pregnant, wait until the baby is born and your body is at full strength before you go ahead and get one. Your only prenant for 9 months, its not long to wait.

It is a proven scientific fact that receiving a tattoo will not get you pregnant..... however, if you are pregnant at the time you get a tattoo, it will not cause your baby harm...

You would probably be beter of waiting just in case you score an infection

there's no problem with that. if tattoos affected pregnant women no woman would get one. i wouldn't get one while i was pregnant, but an existing one is not a problem

No. You shouldn't get any piercings or tattoos while pregnant because of the risk of infection. Plus the majority of professional piercing/tattoo artists will not work on a pregnant woman due to liability.

ANSWER If you care for the tattoo properly during the healing process, and then care for the skin around the tattoo and the tattoo during pregnance everything should go back. Strech marks will effect how the tattoo will appear.

Yes. You are not to, under ANY circumstance to get a tattoo while you are pregnant. You are bombarding the body with a foreign substance that your body will fight off, and in the pregnant state, this is not good. It is a standard question that is asked before any tattoo. Wait the nine months.

I dont think it will hurt a baby, but before you decide if you want a tattoo maybe you should learn how to spell....

Do not get a tattoo while on coumadin.

Yes, your tattoo will stretch when you are pregnant if the tattoo is (especially) on your breasts or trunk area. Some women tend to gain weight while they are pregnant (in more areas than just their abdomen area). Imagine it like this: your body is a balloon that is completely deflated (prior to pregnancy). As you go through the stages of pregnancy, your "balloon" gets bigger, and thus anything on your "balloon" will stretch. It may look 'foggy' or 'smokey' as the tattoo stretches.

The permanent tattoo will stay on your body for good. While non permanent tattoo willdisapear after a while.

No. There is risk for infection and there is a chance that the pregnancy hormones will cause your skin to react adversely to the ink.Plus most tattoo artist will not tattoo a pregnant woman anyways for insurance reasons.

I really can't see how. If you're really worried get an abortion, then get the tattoo then get pregnant again. Also learn to spell.

kid? how old are you? don't get a tattoo. It's permanent. If you do get a tattoo, get a Henna tattoo. They go away after a while

No the tattoo seen in the episodes of supernatural is fake (part of the show). There is a picture of him and his now pregnant wife that shows a tattoo on his arm.

you do not want to get a tattoo or piercing while pregnant. any professional will turn you away. there are a few reasons, but the main reason is that your body is focusing on a big thing: developing that fetus. anything that will hinder that wants to be avoided. you do not want to put your body under any unnecessary stress. even though it is actually kind of hard to get a new tattoo/piercing infected (as long as it is done by a clean professional), you still want to avoid the risk of having an infection while pregnant. not to mention your hormones and body chemistry are different while pregnant, you may have a greater reaction to the inks that are used, or end up healing not so well. bottom line, you and the fetus are more likely than not to end up fine if you were to receive a tattoo or piercing while pregnant, but you dont wanna risk anything. wait 9 months. its worth it.

No it is not safe so you should not get a tattoo

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