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No but you can warp to navel island by using the code (emerald only) 19C67C656689 94218B107756 and pressing L whilst entering/exiting. If you have a fire red/leaf green you use a different code which can be found at . You can't do it on ruby/saphire but you can still use a code to catch Lugui/Ho-oh.

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Q: Can you get the Mystic Ticket using a Gameshark on Pokemon?
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How do get the mystic ticket?

Only by using gameshark or action replay.

How do you get mystic ticket in Pokemon ruby gameshark vba?

You can get the Mystic and Aurora Ticket from a special Nintendo/Pokemon event Or u can get them from using gameshark codes: 0E12F25C BC489609 141BB87C 83D7018F 7A063220 5D82DF58 [this is the master code][it shuld be on at all times when buying the mystic ticket] [Mystic Ticket] 88CFA129 357400B2 2782EFCA 4EED1397

Where can you find lugia in Pokemon emerald version?

At Navel Rock, and you get there by using a mystic ticket you can get one by using a gameshark or action replay or nintendo event or a cheat.

Can you get the eon ticket using a gameshark on Pokemon?

You are able to get the Eon Ticket using a Gameshark on Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald. You can get other event based items using the Gameshark. Though using a Gameshark is cheating it is understandable as those events are no longer supported.

How do you get the mystic ticket for Pokemon Emerald?

by using an action replay

Where do you get the Aurora ticket Mystic ticket and Eon ticket by using cheats?

You need to buy a gameshark cheat cartridge/system and look for codes online which are easy to find however,the gameshark itself will be tough to get but amazon or eBay should have it.

Where is the navel rock in Pokemon emerald?

You will need to obtain the Mystic Ticket by using a cheating device, because the Mystic Ticket is no longer available as an event.

Pokemon emerlad how to get Lugia?

You would need to obtain the Mystic Ticket to head off to Navel Rock, where you'll find Ho-oh (At the top) or Lugia. (Bottom) Currently, the Mystic Ticket is only available by using a GameShark or the Action Replay for your GBA, for the official Nintendo event has expired.

How do you get the mystic ticket without using the adapter on Pokemon leaf green?

sorry but you cant

Navel rock Pokemon emerald?

by using the mystic ticket which is obtained by using an action replay

How do youget Lugia in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You have to be able to access navel rock which can't be accessed unless you have the mystic ticket which is not possible to get unless by using action replay or gameshark. If you want a legit lugia get the purified lugia from Pokemon xd gale of darkness.

How can you get lugia in Pokemon emerald without using a ticket?

Get gameshark, which is like an action replay, but for gameboy

How do you get eon ticket without using e-reader and gameshark Pokemon emerald?

go to a Nintendo event

How do you get a Mystic Ticket in Pokemon Emerald?

First, you go to a Pokemart. There will be a questionaire sheet on the check-out desk. put in "LINK TOGETHER WITH ALL" on the questionaire. the check out clerk will say "oh? you know these words?'' and he will give you a ''mystery gift''. Save your game and turn it off and then back on . don't click "continue''. Below the ''new game'' tab there will be a ''mystery gift'' option. YOU NEED AN ACTION REPLAY OR GAMESHARK TO GET IT!You must obtain it by cheating using GameShark. Getting the Mystic Ticket was an event, which ended for a long time. There are a variety of websites that can help you get the codes you'll need for the Mystic Ticket.

Has anyone got the mystic ticket and aurora ticket for Pokemon emerald version on Game Boy without using gamesharks or any type of equipment?

Yes. I think you can get it all at the armegeton expo but I'm not sure how. Also the tickets/key items you get from gameshark doesn't work, for me anyway.

How do you get the mystic and aurora tickets in Pokemon fire red version?

They are event items, but the events have ended. You can only get them by using the Action Replay or GameShark.

How do you get the mystic ticket in Pokemon Emerald without using a gameshark or action replay or without going to a Nintendo event?

Hi there, You can't get the Mystic Ticket in Pokemon Emerald without using Gameshark or AC. Here is how to do it WITH Gameshark/AC: Go to any pokemart (at any town) and you will see a questionaire at the left side of the desk. Click A on it and click yes. What you want to do is put these words in: LINK TOGETHER WITH ALL The guy will notice that you know these words and will give you the MYSTERY GIFT. Save your game and turn it off then on. You will need the WIRELESS ADAPTER for this. I am sorry for the inconvienence.

Where do you get Ho-oh in pokemon firered?

You must go to a Nintendo event using mystery gift which gets you the Mystic ticket.

Where do you get the mystic ticket from?

The only way to get the mystic ticket was to attend specially hosted Nintendo events. These events are no longer available so now the only way to get the tickets by using cheats but the hacked pokemon tend not to obey their trainers.

How can you get aurora ticket easier in Pokemon fire red?

Using the GameShark is the only easiest way in getting the Aurora Ticket, and maybe in fact, the only way to get the Aurora Ticket. I recommend with GameShark, for you can get all the items that are unobtainable currently, including all the other special tickets.

How do you get the mystic ticket using the wireless adapter?

get the mystery gift

How do you get the Mystic and Aurora Tickets and the Old Sea Chart in Pokemon Emerald?

These are event items given out at promotional events. It is also available to people using cheating devices such as a Gameshark.

How do you get to islands eight and nine on Pokemon fire red?

You must go to a Nintendo sponsored event using the mystery gift to unlock the mystic ticket.

Other ways to get an aurora ticket in Pokemon?

There is no other way than to get it by using GameShark. The Aurora Ticket in Emerald, FireRed, and LeafGreen as ended for several years, so getting it legit is impossible.

Where can you find GameShark codes for Pokemon FireRed and Ruby?

Search using Google gameshark codes for Pokemon fire red/ruby