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Yes, Provided you have applied for it. In family's case we are keeping track of the phone calls.


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The content of a phone bill varies a lot. Most will show calls made, with number date and time, as well as digital connections, with data used and date and time. Calls received and details about the data usage are not normally shown on your bill. For example, if you visit a particular website on your phone, it will not show as the name of the site. It will just show that you used so much data at a particular time.

you get the details from a incoming call cause you have a callar ID for the numder a details

A list of phone calls. Can be either calls received or calls to be placed.

It's rare for any phone bill to show incoming calls - the purpose of the bill is to charge you for outgoing calls ! If my bill listed all my incoming calls - the phone company would need a forklift to deliver it !

yes it does show in the bill

You do not need to, simply ask for the details.

There is a plan, that you pay 1$ extra on your monthly bill. but the only downside to it is you can only your outgoing calls. now if you want to see the incoming calls you have to get a court order so metro pcs can release to their security company. BUT BESIDES ALL THAT FOR A DOLLAR MORE YOU CAN YOUR STATEMENT ONLINE..

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That depends on (a) which country you're in and (b) whether you get a fully itemised bill. If your phone network lists all calls automatically, then yes - it will show local calls. If your network only lists calls over a pre-set amount then it will only itemise calls over that figure. any calls costing less than the pre-set figure will just be grouped together, and there will be an entry on the bill similar to - 25 other calls totalling xx.xx

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There is no way to hide outgoing calls from your cell phone bill. Itemized billing shows calls, MMS, SMS and GPRS activity on your phone with date, time, duration and cost.

You can send a letter to someone asking them to give money on your behalf informing them with your number details. A voucher can be received through the process of guiding.

Display problem, not acces my received calls numbers, dailed calls numbers

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