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Can you get the internet through your cable television company?


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In one word � yes. Most cable companies offer high-speed internet access through cable. You can avail of these services by asking your cable company if they provide them and then subscribing for them.

Here is how you can get internet through cable television; and also its advantages.

Internet through cable (sometimes called "cablenet") is a high speed service that is directly delivered to your computers via cables and there is no need for a phone line and connection. It is available 24 hours and 7 days a week for a flat monthly rate so you can save a lot on your telephone bill, depending on your current internet set-up.

Requirements: To access internet through cable you need to have a computer with a minimum memory of 16 MB and a windows 95 operating system or higher. If you use a Macintosh then you need an 8.0 system or higher. Your computer needs to have a Network Interface card (NIC) or a Universal Serial Bus (USB). If you have neither, the cable company can install it for you.

Benefits: Cable internet gives you very fast services and you can download Web pages in a matter of seconds. E-mail can be viewed in a jiffy, and downloading files which takes minutes through a dial-up, can be done in seconds through cable internet. Essentially all services through cable internet can be up to 30 times faster than a regular dial-up service. Most cable internet packages also include an e-mail address and some megabytes of personal web space.

You will also need a cable modem, which is generally supplied by the cable company. This is the device which allows you to access data and information when you are using cable internet. Internet through cable is not possible without a cable modem. A cable modem usually has two connections; one to the wall outlet, and one to your computer. Cable modems are generally external devices, but you can get a few that are built-in into your computer. The cable company usually provides you with a cable modem but you can use your own if you have one, provided it is compatible to the internet system.

Dual Use: cable companies use separate channels for video and data services, so you can use your computer and watch television at the same time without being restricted to just one activity.

Yeah. As long as they want to provide it, they can; they have the technology. I just got hooked up last week. plus they are the cheapest provider in the country. The Shadester.


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Yes you can get both thorugh the company. You are not required to also have cable TV.

You will need to have the internet thru your cable company but not cable tv service.

You only have two options, one option is Direct TV or Satellite through your local cable company, or you can try to get cable internet through comcast which offers all three for 99.00

You may only have the internet package. You have to pay more for cable TV channels. If you do have both packages then contact the cable company to find out why you don't have TV.

Yes. Practically every cable TV company now offers some time of internet. Usually, there are packages you can purchase that include the internet price on your cable bill. Contact you cable company for more details.

An existing telephone network provides high-speed internet connections through cable television network. Cable internet is integrated into the cable television infrastructure analogously to DSL.

Xfinity is the only cable company available in this area. This cable company gets very good reception and you can also purchase the TV/phone/internet bundle through Xfinity and really save big!

You can watch cable tv by purchasing a router from your cable company or local store. You hook the cable up to your tv and then you hook it up to your laptop.

Xfinity is the best cable TV and internet bundle in Alabama. The reception is great, and it is less expensive than other TV/internet bundles. I would recommend Xfinity over any other cable company.

Through your cable provider or telephone company

In most instances, it is a better deal financially to obtain internet through an independent internet provider rather than subscribe to services with a cable company or as a package deal.

DSL is the only highspeed internet connection that requires a landline. You can still get highspeed internet through your cable company and your existing cable line. Contact your local cable company for more details.

Yes. In Denmark its called "WebSpeed"

A company that will hook you up to the internet. They can provide internet through Dial-up, DSL, or Cable

Use the modem recommended by your cable company.

All the services that your cable company provides. Likely Television, Internet and Home Phone.

High Speed internet through your cable company would be your best bet. This is because DSL through your phone company is rather slower because of its passage through the phone lines. A drawback of cable internet is because of the shared bandwidth through customers.

In Canada we don't have Charter cable internet services. I guess an equivalent would be IVC Telecom for cable internet services in Canada.

Charter cable is the 10th largest cable provider nationwide it has tv phone and internet services.In 2009 the company almost went bankrupt.

Charter cable company has a website which will give you alot of information on its cable TV, internet and telephone services in tje

"Yes" - satellite television company "Hot" - regular cable television company

This is all a personal preference. It depends if you would watch the cable tv more than you already use the DSL internet. Just ask yourself which you would get more use out of? If you keep the internet then you can watch TV on it and stream it from websites, whereas if you got rid of the internet you cannot access that through the cable TV.

Cable internet works by transmitting signals and information via the same coaxial cables that cable television uses. The transmission is sent through a designated television channel that is managed by the cable provider. The signal is received by a cable modem box, which is installed into the user's home.

No. The cable company isn't allowed to do that by the government. It would be an invasion of privacy and everything. Also, unless the cable company gave you the TV, they would have to figure out how to put a camera inside of it without your knowledge.

Charter Internet is a company that provides high-speed internet service as well as digital cable, cable television, and telephone service. They offer free installation and low monthly payments.

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