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Start with an almost empty fuel tank. a BIG help! This was done on a 99 burban. My 13yr old son and I did ours in about an hour total.

Tools needed: Regular pliers. needle nose pliers or a pick type tool for retaining ring around the fuel pump. Floor Jack (heavy duty) size 15 metric socket, extension, and ratchet (or air ratchet) Flat head (standard) screw driver to disconnect the hoses from the fill tubes. ( where the gas station person fills up the tank). Fuel line Disconnect tool set (two little Plastic parts to remove fuel lines from pump) a MUST need item. Cant remove with out them. Napa part number BK.700-1932 around $10.

Then you will need a partner or helper. With the vehicle on level ground, (not on ramps) and the park brake set, make sure you take the keys OUT of the ignition. (no radio on, you don't want power to the fuel pump)! You will need a metric size 15 socket for the two (2) bolts that hold the straps under the fuel tank. I used an air ratchet which was really nice.

Put the Floor jack under the Center of the tank. lift jack until snug against the bottom of the tank. Remove the two bolts (one per strap) holding the tank straps up. Move straps to the side out of the way. Loosen the hose clamps on the fuel hoses coming from filler tube. Carefully pry hoses off from metal tubes. SLOWLY and I mean Slowly lay to the side of the tank, and have the HELPER lower the jack very SLOWLY. Then tank has been up there for awhile, so it might need to be coaxed away from the body of the truck. Lower the tank a little bit at a time until you can see the top of the tank. You might have to Squeeze yourself up in tight against the tank to see it. The reason I say very slowly is that the fuel lines are not long enough to lower the tank all the way to the ground. Once you can see the top of the fuel pump, you will have two electrical connectors to disconnect. Be very careful, they have clips on the side of one, and on top of the other. Then you can again, squeeze yourself to where you can get both arms up to assist in using the two plastic fuel line disconnect pieces. Two different colors, one is bigger than the other. Slide one tool onto one of the hoses going into the fuel pump. (You'll understand once your under the truck and looking at the top of the fuel pump). Then carefully remove each hose. After removing the hoses from the fuel pump, you will need a pair of pliers to remove the clip (Or just slide the clip back) from a vent hose. Now ALL hoses and connections should be disconnected. Now you can lower the tank all the way down and slide it off of the jack and pull the tank out from under the truck. Now take the needle nose pliers or punch, and remove the retaining ring from ontop of the fuel pump. Now you can pull the fuel pump out. You May need to pry up on the pump to get it out. put your new pump in, making sure that it is in correctly. there is a little notch that you need to look at the old pump before removing it. You'll see it. Now just reverse all the steps to putting it all back together. Good luck!

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Q: Can you get the step by step procedure on changing a fuel pump out on a 1997 Chevrolet Suburban?
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