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Your marital status is irrelevant. You receive unemployment benefits based on your states laws. No state discriminates based on your marital status.

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Q: Can you get unemployment benefit if married?
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You live in Utah and moving to Florida to get married. Do you qualify for unemployment Benefit's?

You live in Utah and moving to Florida to get married. Do you qualify for unemployment Benefit's?

Was there unemployment benefit in 1912?

was there unemployment benefit in 1912

Does unemployment help with tuition?

if you mean unemployment benefit, yes it does

What is the maximum unemployment benefit in Indiana?

so according to the unemployment office Indiana max weekly benefit's are $390

When Can you receive unemployment after fmla runs out?

Can you receive unemployment benefit after your fmla runs out

Do you have to pay unemployment back if you receive disability?

You cannot get disability if you are on an unemployment benefit...

Can you get unemployment benefit from a state you did not work?


What is unemployment compensation benefit warrant?

It's a funky name for your Unemployment Insurance cheque.

How long does it take to receive unemployment benefit?

About 2 weeks from the date you filed unemployment.

What does UB40 stand for?

When the band UB40 formed they were all unemployed so they took their name from the Unemployment Benefit, form 40, which they had to fill in to receive their unemployment benefit.

How much can you earn and keep your NC unemployment benefit?

How much can I earn while receiving unemployment

What state has the highest maximum unemployment benefit and how much is the benefit?

Massachusetts; $939.00/Week

What if you are unemployed and are receiving unemployment benefits can you still get social security disability payments?

You don't say where you are - so I'll have to answer as per UK law... I would say no. If you're simply unemployed, but capable of working, you can claim unemployment benefit. If you're on a disability allowance - that means you're incapable of work (and are thus not entitled to unemployment benefit). To claim unemployment benefit, you must be actively seeking work. If you're incapable of working, you're not entitled to unemployment benefit ! You cannot meet the criteria of BOTH benefits !

What is the maximum unemployment benefit in Missouri?


What is the maximum unemployment benefit in Florida?

$275/ week

What is the maximum weekly unemployment benefit in Oregon?


Can back pay unemployment benefit affect SSDI?


When does your unemployment benefit reset after returning from a layoff?

Doesn't matter as you have a job where you contribute to society now. Be your own unemployment

What do you do if your unemployment benefit year runs out?

When your benefit year runs out you can apply for an extension. The unemployment office will determine if you qualify and should apply for the federal or state extended benefits. The best thing to do is to contact your local unemployment office to determine what the next step is.

Can you draw a pension and unemployment in Tennessee?

As long as the pension is not in excess of the weekly benefit amount, unemployment may still be collected. In other words, if the UI benefit is 200 dollars, and the pension is less than that, the amount of the pension will be deducted from the benefit.

What is the 2009 maximun unemployment benefit in New Jersey?


Does the new stimulus package extend unemployment benefit?

yes it does

What is the maximum unemployment benefit in Arizona?

$249 per week

Do you owe FICA and MEDICARE taxes on a unemployment benefit check?


Do Catholic school employee get unemployment benefit in Los Angeles Ca?

You would need to check with your local unemployment office.