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Yes, you can go to your local welfare office and apply for medicaid, food stamps and other benefits. I'm sure you can do this without your parents help.

You might want to consider getting some help from the father--after all, it's really his responsibility, along with yours, rather than the taxpayers. If he refuses to help, take him to court (get a DNA test if necessary) and a court order for child support.

thats not true anymore if a young girl gets pregnant its her parents or other family members that are willing to help take care of the baby and welfare also go by the income your parents make if they make too much you may not get help but it would be another story if your parents kicked you out then welfare would help

ABSOLUTELY!! There is welfare for pregnant teens. My friend is on it now with her 5month old son brandon.

If you are underage and living with your parent(s), or any legal guardian then THEY are responsible for you and your child. Unless you are an emancipated minor, or over the age of 18 then you will most likely get denied unless your parents don't work or their income meets the guidelines. Once you turn 18 you can apply and they will most likely give you the benefits but they will also open a case/issue a court order for child support for the baby's father. CHANCES ARE, you'll have better luck going to the father for child support, or you can find a job as well. It's not impossible! Don't think about what the taxpayers say, think about your child... one day you'll want to tell them how hard you worked and the lengths you have gone to support yourself and your baby. Good luck

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Q: Can you get welfare for your baby if you are a pregnant teenager?
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