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Can you get workman's comp if you fail a drug screen a week after the fact?

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βˆ™ 2006-07-29 12:16:09

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In most cases, if you are being paid by a state fund that businesses pay into, (workman's comp), you can forfeit your benefits and rights to future benefits regarding that claim because of unauthorized and/or illegal drug use.

2006-07-29 12:16:09
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Will methadone show up as an opiate in a drug screen?

Methadone will not show up as positive for an opiate on a standard drug screen. There is however a specific test for methadone.

Low-alcohol beer and drug screening?

The fact of the matter is any amount of alcohol not metabolized completely by the body will produce a positive for alcohol in a drug screen.

Can is till pass a drug screen if you are legally prescribed adderall?

You have prescription speed in you, no you will not pass a drug test. But, the fact it is legally prescribed to you won't make a negative difference in the outcome of failing the drug test.

Would Vyvanse show up as PCP on a urine drug screen? does not show up as PCP. But it does in fact show up as an Amphetamine.

Does adderall come up as amphetamines or methanphetamine?

Adderall shows up as amphetamines on any type of drug screen. I know myself for a fact, because I have failed three drug sreens before.

Does coricidin show up on a urine drug screen?

if you are talking about ccc's the answer is no it wont show up on a drug scrren in fact i had smoked weed quite often and took ccc's and came up neg. for everything? how i don't know but i did

Does melatonin show up on drug screen?

No. Melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone. In fact, all humans have it, so there'd be no reason to test for it. :)

What is the difference between screen threshold and confirmation threshold in drug testing?

The screen threshold is the amount, usually milligrams per deciliter (mg/dL) of sample, that must be present in a specific lab specimen for the test to return a positive. Usually the screen threshold for a drug test is high, meaning drugs or drug metabolites must be present in great amount for the test to return positive. The result is that many drug tests come back negative although the sample does in fact contain drugs or drug metabolites. Any positive specimen is then analyzed by lab machine which detects almost any trace amount of drugs or drug metabolites.

What can you do to pass a saliva drug screen for amphetamines?

Nobody answer this one. If you have amphetamines in your system for medical reasons, make that fact clear first. But I doubt it. I would advise you seek help for your drug addiction rather than coming onto wikianswers to avoid the consequences.

How a saliva drug test works?

it can not be detected by ant drug test its a fact i tried

Do the clear screen protectors eventually damage the Nintendo DS screen?

No, in fact, the clear screen protectors help to prevent damage to the Nintendo DS screen.

Does lithium have a false positive when drug testing?

Lithium does in fact have a false positive in drug testing.

Are cough drops a drug?

They are drugs, yes, but they are not illegal drugs. In fact, medicine is a drug. Haven't you noticed the "Drug Facts" on the back of the bottle?

Is caffeine a type of drug?

Yes. Although most people my not know it, caffeine is in fact a drug. It is defined as a drug as it stimulates the central nervous system.

Is Shoppers Drug Mart open on Sundays?

Yes. In fact some Shoppers Drug Marts in Vancouver are open 24 hours.

If you are taking Fentanyl will a drug screen be positive for oxycodone?

No, taking fentanyl will not give a positive result for a drug test screening for oxycodone. It is a fallacy that all "synthetic opioids" show up as the same compound on a drug test. The fact of the matter is that fentanyl has a vastly different chemical structure than oxycodone, and thus would not give a false positive for it on a drug test. Fentanyl would also not give a positive result for hydrocodone or opiates (morphine, codeine, and heroin).

Can a drug test tell how much marijuana you smoke?

Most drug tests that are run are five panel drug tests. They search for things like Heroin, Amphetamines, THC, Cocaine, and Ecstasy. These drug tests do not show the quantity of the drug used, just the fact that the drug was used.

Can weed stay in your urine?

Yes, in fact it can be detected by drug tests months after you do it.

Does bath salt come up in drug test?

Shows positive for amphetamines. Know for a fact as I and 2 others were tested by a drug court.

Can codone show up as codeine on a drug test?

If your asking aboute Hydrocodone. The answer is no. It will show up as an narcotic though. Hydrocodone and codiene are different drugs, as a matter of fact Hydrocodone is usually perscribed to persons with proven allergies to codiene. However they are both narcotic analgesics and will both show up on a drug screen. So if you don't have a prescription and you are subject to drug screening it probably wouldn't be a good idea to take either.

Do home drug test work?

Most do it yourself at home drug tests do in fact work, although they are not quite as accurate as those done in labs.

Can pcp be detected on a drug test?

PCP can certainly be detected on a drug test. In fact, it is one of the compounds that is most commonly checked for on standard tests .

Does this drug have any medical benefits or uses?

Some drugs do in fact have medical benefits.

Does Shoppers Drug Mart sell Tiger Balm?

Yes. Multiple varieties of it, in fact.

Why is weed classed as a drug?

Because the minorities make money off of it.And that's a fact. :)