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If you are old enough to get your drivers licence. and you are able to satisfy the examiner that you are able to both drive a car and understand the road rules then you will be able to get your drivers licence.


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If you are a high school drop out and you do not have your GED, you cannot get your drivers license until you are eighteen. If you already have your license when you drop out, it will be revoked.

If you have a regular license, you will keep it. But stay in school anyway. You literally can't afford to drop out of high school!

yes you will be an legal adult but is not recommended to drop out of school

16 and a half for a license if you are in school, if you drop out of school you must wait until 18. If you are in school and go to a licensed driving school you may get your license when you are 16

No. Florida law does not allow teen-agers under the age of 18 who drop out of school to enjoy driving privileges. Even if you have already obtained your license, if you quit school, your driver's license will be revoked.

If you already got it then yeaahhbut if you dont then the answer is NoIf you are younger than 18 and have dropped out, you cannot get your driver's license. If you have your driver's license and then drop out, the license will be revoked and you will be driving illegally.

Yes. In NC your driver's license can be revoked if you fail to maintain 'adequate progress' in school (generally, that means passing 70% of your classes) or you drop out of school, but only if you are under the age of eighteen.

Yes you will lose your license and your home worst trade ever

yes getting your license or permit has nothing to do with being in school.

DMV will revoke the driver license of any person under age 18 when it receives notice from proper school authorities that you are no longer eligible for a Driving Eligibility Certificate. If you drop out of school and do not get a GED you have to wait until you are 18.

well, legally you can't drop out of school until you are 16 years old in alabama. However, if you are 16 and haven't gotten your driver's license you must be enrolled in school to be qualified to take the test. Otherwise you have to wait until you are 18 to even take the test. If you already have it and drop out, you will still keep it.

If you can't correctly spell the word "license" you shouldn't be driving!

No because you won't be heading anywhere now that you just ruined your life.

Depends on the state you live in. In NC if you do not have a high school diploma or GED at 17 then yes they will suspend you DL

I assume you are talking about a drivers license? Dropout, that doesn't effect your driving abilities.

Well, you have to be enrolled in school to even take the test. If you drop out before you get it, you have to be eighteen to take the test. If you already have it, you may keep it. 🌸

In West Virginia a child must be at least 16 years of age to drop out of school. There is a law that will take away their drivers license if they choose to drop out though.

As far as I know, you can. You just have to be able to pass your test.

not until you are 19 years old in Alabama that's the punishment for quiting school

Yes, the state of Idaho Bureau of Motor Vehicles requires a high school diploma or a driver's license will either not be issued, or revoked. Proof of enrollment in school is one of the requirements for first time drivers who are attempting to get a license in Idaho as well.

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